Should Drugs Be Legalised in Sport?

1 January 2017

I will be discussing sports has a whole industry rather than specifying one particular sport or event, taking the main issues and explaining both sides. Drug testing in sports is very common now. In most professional and some amateur sports events across the globe, drug testing is used randomly or the people that normally finish first second and third are drudges tested on a precautionary measure. They can turn up anywhere and at any time, and you must supply them with a valid drugs test within one hour of being notified that your national governing body has required you to undertake a drugs test.

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Should Drugs Be Legalised in Sport?
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In most cases the urine drugs test is used but the blood drugs test and know the hair follicle drug test can be used. The most common is the urine test, but at major sports events the other two will be used. Case for legalisation The case for legalisation of performance enhancing drugs in sport is mostly made by the athletes themselves (‘currently an athlete is held ‘strictly liable ‘for whatever substances are found in his or her body. such a strict liability provision rules out any defence’)( vassal gringo (2004). the Olympic games explained.

Great Britain: Rutledge. 184-185. ) so even if the athlete unwillingly or unknowingly takes a drug, they will still be prosecuted to the full extent of the rules, and sometimes even law. In some countries (e. g. ; France) athletes that fail drugs tests are also arrested and sentenced for defrauding the public. Just imagine if you were in your teens, and your coach knowingly put drugs in your sports drink, but you didn’t know you had takes them, should you be banned for life and sometimes arrested. In this instance if some drugs were made legal in sports there ould not be all this secret taking and deceiving of the athletes and fans. Lots of athletes that fail drugs test claim that they have no knowledge they have taken anything illegal. (‘Dwain chambers denies knowingly taking a ‘designer steroid’ but was still banned from the Olympic games for life in 2004’)( )( vassil girginov (2004). the Olympic Games explained. Great Britain: Routhledge. 185-186) know this just might be and excuse. But imagine if he was telling the truth , if he didn’t know he was taking them should he still be banned?.

There is also an argument about would it make the drugs safer as some athletes go to extreme lengths to make themselves better then there opponents. I have been there when athletes have been injecting themselves will bull hormone and horse hormone, to make themselves more worked up and stronger. Now these are very extreme methods of drug taking, they are also extremely dangerous to the liver and heart as they are not designed to produce or filter out that type of hormone, it’s the sale with any drug you are taking it because your body can’t produce it and it therefore makes you better.

Now if some drugs were legalised there would be studies and tests done to make it as safe as possible. Doctors could also regulate you dosage and what you are taking moire easily, there fore not becoming addicted or reliant upon the drug that is being taken. This would save lives in some instances, as people just push further and further , if there were strict guidelines on how to take it when and were It would make it a much safer and more enjoyable sport to play and watch , as everybody is guilty un till proven innocent in the world of sport. It would also make the sport fairer.

Is it fair that the athletes that don’t get caught taking drugs should have an advantage over the ones that don’t take the drugs? Drugs tests can only tell if you have been taking drugs that they know about. They cannot tell if you have just been taking drugs, as the have to screen for certain drugs. so if you have drug only you know about then you gain an unfair advantage, if everybody had that drug then there would be a more fair line drawn across the athletes, making them more equal and therefore making it a better sport to play and watch, now one wants to watch one person have an advantage, that isn’t natural or skill based and in. . Case against legalisation One point is that even if you legalise some drugs, will it make a difference many athletes will still want to use better ones than the ones that would be made legal(‘If doping was accepted then some athletes would still seek to gain an unfair advantage , by adopting a more is better policy. Checking whether or not agreed levels of drug usage were being adhered to would be difficult to monitor. )( Toohey Vial (2006). A social science perspective. 2nd ed.

Oxford: CABI) so even if drugs were made legal the levels of drug you could take would be almost impossible to track, and regulate. As on athlete could just be taking more of the drug than the other people, and gaining and advantage anyway. athletes would also always find better ones than the ones that were legal and us them anyway , it would close the gap a bit of they were all taking some sort of drug legal or illegal , but overall would make no difference to if it is now were all forms of doping are illegal.

Many people also think it is against the spirit/ethics of the sport in general (‘The use of performance enhancing drugs is contrary to the essence of sport, and the philosophy of the Olympics, which places its emphasis on fair and equal competition)( . )( Toohey Vial (2006). A social science perspective. 2nd ed. Oxford: CABI, pg 174-175. ) the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship I n sport are very important unwritten rules , and people can be more tarnished by breaking these than taking drugs.

People think that you will tarnish the image and reputation of sporting events and sports, if you legalise drugs. there is also the argument about role models, know if drugs were made legal , you couldn’t just have the best ones taking the drugs , you would have to implement it nationally as well, so kids would maybe start taking the drugs to emulate there role models in there chosen sports, if it was ever legalised the dangers to children would always be the same there would have to be strict age policies and guide lines.

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