There is a reason why there are separate teams for boys and girls. Contact sport is something that people should take in mind and prepare the right rules that will make the sport fun and safe. These contact sports such as soccer, football, rugby or NFL are the type of sport that injuries occur most in. Girls should definitely not be allowed to play in boy’s contact sport teams because the girls may get hurt, boys might get distracted from the game and pay too much attention to the girls and also the sport will be much easier for the boys.

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The safety of the players should be a major factor that needs to be considered before any sport, especially contact sport. Research from the health department of Australia has shown that boy’s contact sport either inside or outside of school is more than 3 times rough as girls. If both genders are included in the same contact sport, most likely, many girls will get hurt. Contact sports like AFL of rugby involve tackling and shoving which an essential part of the game.

Over the past few years, there have been more than 2,000 incidents where girls have found themselves in first aid or even on the hospital bed after participating in contact sport with boys. If girls are severely injured, not only will it have a negative effect on the victim, but it will also have an effect on the victim’s parents because they now have a daughter who is serious pain and a huge amount of hospital expenses on their hands. This increasing number would have been much less if girls were not to able to play in sport teams with boys.

It is utterly ridiculous that some females argue that they are just as strong or tough as boys. The research also shows that boys are genetically physically stronger than girls. Those girls who oppose this rule will regret their words after they experience the type of brutality that is involved in a boy’s contact sport. Even some tough boys are criticallyhurt during contact sport, imagine what it would be like if a girl was involved in that situation? It would be a much safer option if girls were not allowed to play in boy’s contact sport team.

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Sport is a fun activity that many people participate in, but whenthe teams are mix gender, it no point playing the game. For example, if girls are to participate in boy’s football, surely some boys would not be able play to their full potential which can only be achieved if they are fully concentrated on the game. But when there female friends or girl friends joins in, their concentration is more focused on them rather than the game. This can include standing and talking to them rather than co-operating with his team mates or even showing off.

People don’t want a person in their team who hogs the ball and takes everyone on to make himself look good in front of all the pretty girls and eventually loses possession of the ball. It is basically a waste of a player because he is not contributing one bit to the game. Imagine the whole team playing so selfishly, because everyone will just keep wanting the ball, then team wouldn’t get anyway but the bottom of the ladder. In the end, the players let the team down, they let the coach down and most of all they even let themselves down.

This situation can occur in any sport, not just contact. Boys wouldn’t be distracted off their game if girl’s were not to play in boy sport teams. A contact sport is supposed to be challenging and its purpose is to test your ability and how you play against other people your age. That whole statement would change if females were to play that contact sport with boys. Not to be discriminative, but if girls were to play in a boy sport like football, rugby or soccer, usually boys are much better and will demolish the girl. This will have a negative effect on both genders.

If boys just keep beating the girls easily, it would be incredibly boring because there is absolutely no challenge pushed on them. The boys would eventually have a bored attitude towards a sport they used to love. For the girls, they would get no possession of the ball whats so ever because the boys would just keep hogging it. If they don’t have any time on the ball, what is the point in even playing? Not only that but if the boys just keep winning over the girls and not letting them have a chance on the ball, their friend relationship outside of the sport will begin to break down.

For the sport to be challenging and more fun, there should be a separate team for boys and girl for each sport. Some sports are meant for specific genders. If boys can’t play in girls sport teams, why should girls be allowed to play in boys sport teams. They can’t mix, but they can be separated so everyone can play the game properly. Girls wont be injured by the boys, boys can now play to their full potential and it would be a much funner game both ways. That is why girls should not be able to play in boys sport teams.

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