Should Guns Be Banned?

10 October 2016

Data from previous decades reveals that areas within America with the most stringent gun ownership rules are generally the ones with high rates of violence. Areas where guns are most commonly found and impose little controls on guns ownership to responsible and law abiding citizens experience low homicide levels. There are many explanations to this situation, but none of them prove that enforcing gun control will reduce violence and murder. This is saying that allowing citizens to own guns does not result to more violent crimes or murders.

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It allows a responsible citizen to have the peace of mind by self-defense. The statement that “more guns equal more death” would only be true if murders only involved ordinary people who kill because they have access to a gun when they get angry. However, when people tend to get angry they do thing they will regret later. a long time researcher in gun control quotes “more guns per capital do not show higher crime levels than those with lesser guns per capital. “

Gun ownership has been put down numerous times, with critics saying that someone who owns a gun to protect themselves from burglars is likely to use it on their spouse or other members of the family when enraged, since it is the closed weapon near hand. These comments are not put in stone by any evidence, since studies show that most people that commit murder are individuals that have pasts of violence, substance abuse, psychopathology and other dangerous behaviors in the past.

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