Should Homosexuals Be Able to Marry Outline

1 January 2017

I. Introduction A. Thesis Statement Due to the several controversial issues that may arise I do not support gay marriage, I do believe that domestic partnership should remain allowable, giving a person the right to date and share their lives with whomever they so choose, but the sanctity of marriage should remain exclusively between one man and one woman. II. Body paragraph #1 – Topic Sentence #1 Before the passing of Prop 8, California was only the second state to allow same-sex marriage. In fact up until 2004 same-sex couples couldn’t wed anywhere in the country.

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Should Homosexuals Be Able to Marry Outline
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Many gay couples that wed before the passing of prop 8, their marriages would remain valid. A. Supporting Evidence Proposition 8 added a new section to the state constitution, that “Only marriage between a Man and a Woman is valid and recognized in California. ” (Article 1, Sec 7. 5. ) B. Explanation Many can argue, especially those in favor of gay rights, that a gay relationship and or marriage is misunderstood and they believe that gay men and women should have the same rights in jobs, public accommodations, and government benefits. C. So What?

There are a lot of reasons being offered to oppose homosexual relationships and/or marriage, however this country is founded based on the right to express oneself as they choose and I believe that choosing a person to spend the rest of your life with, would be included in that right. However, I foresee several ethical issues that may arise. III. Body paragraph #2 – Topic Sentence #2 The most apparent opposition is discrimination, singling out gay men and women as ineligible to marriage, welcomes public discrimination against them. A. Supporting Evidence

A person can be accused of discrimination if they continue to practice their religious or personal beliefs against gay marriage and they are unwilling to accept the lifestyle that a homosexual couples chooses to live. B. Explanation People may become uncomfortable at work, if they are forced to work in a disagreeable setting like witnessing public display of affection between gay couples. Or forced to work side by side with a gay individual although they have a hard time excepting that coworker’s lifestyle, and it may be against their own personal beliefs. C.

So What? It is important that we do not put our own personal beliefs in front of others personal and or religious beliefs. Whether we agree with homosexual relationships or not, it is not our place to make anyone uncomfortable because of their choices. IV. Body paragraph #3 – Topic Sentence #3 Another argument in regards to gay marriage would be based on privacy and personal freedom. A. Supporting Evidence Conservatives believe that legalizing gay marriage would more widely recognize basic American principles and reinforce our nation’s commitment to equal rights. Olson, 2010) B. Explanation This perspective could potentially be a solution to the many oppositions of gay marriage if we accepted being gay would not do any harm to anyone, and an individual should have the right to participate in a same-sex relationship and live freely. C. So What? Realistically people have the right to do whatever they please with whomever they please, as long as the person doesn’t impose on the rights of others. V. Body paragraph #4 – Topic Sentence #4 I was raised in a Christian home, and have been taught that homosexuality is sin; I do not personally discriminate against any race, preference, or relationship, and respect a homosexual relationship as such. A. Supporting Evidence I keep my thoughts and comments to myself and respect the choice of an individual. In fact I have a few people that I associate with and they choose to live homosexual lifestyle that does not make me like them any less. B. Explanation A lot of Christian homes teach their children that marriage is a union that is meant to be shared between a man and a woman, especially if you follow the teachings of the bible.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t befriend a gay person, just because you disagree with their sexual preference. These same homes should also teach that each person should be treated as an individual and not judged for their lifestyles. C. So What? Although I do not condone legalizing gay marriage, does that make me a bad person? Absolutely not, I just believe in the original definition of marriage. I believe there was a purpose for man and woman, and now that homosexuality is so prevalent in our society I can see how this change is greatly affecting communities throughout the U. S. VI.

Body paragraph #5 – Topic Sentence #5 It may be years before the attempts to give gay couples true legal equality. A. Supporting Evidence In fact the battle over gay marriage and also gay adoptions will most definitely be fought out in court for years to come. (Newsweek, 2003) President Obama and his constituents are searching for some common ground on this issue, recommending that states adopt marriage alternatives, but there has been no sight of change in federal marriage laws. B. Explanation It seems that gay couples have gained a high acceptance to the domestic partnership laws in other states.

In fact the state of Vermont permits “civil unions” that gives same-sex couples many of the same rights and responsibilities as marriage, they just give the ceremony a different name for political reasons (Newsweek, 2003) C. So What? As with traditional marriages, same sex marriages and domestic partnerships have not lasted until death do us part, and for that reason states are also dealing with higher divorce rates and child custody cases. I think that gay couples should be content with living under the domestic partner law, which grants same sex couples almost all state level rights and obligations of marriage at the state level VII.

Conclusion A. Thesis Statement rephrased There are several controversial issues that will continue to arise when it comes to this subject. Many political leaders believe that the growing number of same sex couples will create severe social pressure toward the equalization of marriage laws at the state level. I do not support homosexual marriages, but respect a person’s right to choose whom they wish to spend the rest of their lives with, and they should continue to do so in domestic partnership.

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