Should Kids Be Allowed Mobile Phones Essay Sample

9 September 2017

If you ask me if a kid should hold a cell phone. I will reply yes without any vacillation. I think kids today need a cell phone merely for safety interest. There are phone programs and parental limitations to accommodate all demands. In today’s universe. a cell phone is a necessity for any child old adequate to be able to utilize it in an exigency.

The job arises when the cell phones are brought to school. Many school territories prohibit their usage. even their presence at all times. even during homework periods and tiffin. Student handbooks outlaw the ownership of a cell phone anyplace on school evidences. Any kid with a cell phone can hold it confiscated by module.

Should Kids Be Allowed Mobile Phones Essay Sample Essay Example

I disagree with this policy. And while I am good cognizant that many pupils will utilize their phones randomly. seeking to name or text friends during category or hazard holding their phones travel off in the schoolroom. I can’t agree with the policy of no cell phones. It isn’t practical.

Specific regulations need to be put in topographic point so that phones are silenced and in back packs during category. Having been a instructor in a high school I know it can be done and done successfully.

Mobile phones are a safety characteristic in a universe that has become insecure and unfriendly particularly to kids. How many grownups feel safer cognizing they have a cell phone in their ownership. non merely for speaking to friends. but “just in instance. ” I know I do and have used it more than one time to cite aid. How much more necessary is for your kid to hold one on their individual “just in instance? ”

School policies are non ever made to profit all pupils. The disallowing of cell phones because of abuse by a minority of pupils is unjust to the bulk who would adhere to the regulation of no phone usage in categories.

As an pedagogue I know that most pupils would restrict their phone usage to before and after school. during free periods and for exigency calls. I besides know at first hand of two incidents where pupil usage of cell phones was a practical aid. When there was a crisis at my school and module and pupils had to go out the edifice instantly. many pupils called their parents to allow them cognize they were safe. Another state of affairs concerned a boy’s uncomfortable feeling about a fellow pupil who had made menaces. When the disposal dismissed his frights he used his cell phone to name the local constabulary who found a arm in the cabinet of the pupil who had made the menaces.

If your child’s school has a policy against cell phones and you object. do an attempt to enlist other like-minded parents to fall in you at board of instruction meetings and Lodge formal protests. Stress the safety factor of holding cell phones as your children’s right.

Cell phones are non merely convenient. they are one more manner to for you to remain connected with your kid and cognize they’re safe.

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