Should Marijuana Be Legalized or Not?

Should The Government Legalize Marijuana, The Yes And No Sides Of The Fence From A Neutral Stand Point? Assignment 1 Week 1 Melissa Some would say, “No,” to cannabis or also known as marijuana. Cannabis or as some know it as marijuana originated in China, “The Chinese were already cultivating cannabis 4500 years BC. They were able to spin yarn for clothing and make fishing nets and rope with it. ” But still with the knowledge of this “drug” I will be presenting you with that includes statistics and many quotes, you will still say that it shouldn’t be considered for legalization or you will agree that it should be legalized.

As many stand against the legalization of marijuana there are many that stand for the legalization of the so-called “drug. ” As I am a neutral party on the subject I just do not understand why fight about it, why can’t we just come to a compromise? As many Americans choose to say, “No,” do yourselves a favor and ask this question, “Why should marijuana be illegal? ” This question goes for the ones that are for legalization as well. For those of you that are against the legalization of marijuana, here’s where I see it.

The reason you all want it to stay illegal, “Marijuana is an unstable mixture of more than 425 chemicals that convert into thousands when smoked. Many of these chemicals are toxic, psychoactive chemicals which are largely unstudied and appear in uncontrollable strengths. ” Yes, this is one of the biggest reasons why marijuana is not legal in the United States. That is ok though, like I said, “I’m neutral on this subject. ” Now don’t think for one second that I have forgotten the other side of the fence, I haven’t.

Here’s for those of you that are the trueborn hippie family, there is more to it than that of what the ones that are against it have. You have religions on your side; “Some Hindus, Buddhists, Rastafarians, and members of other religions use marijuana as part of their spiritual and religious ceremonies. ” Which I think if any religion has a part of their rituals for their ceremonies were to be taken from them is a terrible thing to do to someone and their beliefs as a whole. “The First Amendment of the Constitution says that the government cannot ‘prohibit the free exercise’ of religion, and so marijuana should be legal.

The legalization of marijuana is a very controversial subject among everyone in the United States some say that it shouldn’t be legalized and some say that it should. How do you fit in this category? In the chart below you can see how marijuana (cannabis) is compared to many other drugs such as, cigarettes, heroine, cocaine, alcohol, and even caffeine, which to me caffeine is not a drug but it is addictive. Just take a look and see that marijuana is way lower than most other drugs. Some say that marijuana is a gateway drug, well I have honestly tried marijuana and I have smoked it, I am now three years clean.

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