Should Marijuanna Be Legalised

3 March 2019

According to (Abuse, 2013), Marijuana also known as ‘Cannabis’ , ‘Pot’ , ‘Weed’ is defined as a green, brown or greyish mixture of dried shredded leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of the hemp plant called Cannabis Sativa . Although it is known for medicinal purposes such as in the treatment of cancer and even asthma it is also commonly used in illegal drug trafficking. This drug is known to be highly addictive and over time it may even control the lives of the users. So really do you think that governments worldwide should legalize Marijuana? To this question I would say no.

Marijuana is very addictive and studies have shown that it is the most widely used illegal drug worldwide. This simply suggests that once people begin using Marijuana they just cannot stop. Advocates of legalizing ‘pot’ have tried on several occasions to dismiss the arguments but failed to do so. According to (Drug Policy Alliance, 2014) clinical studies have shown that people who use Marijuana multiple times a week found it almost impossible to quit. These people who tried to withdraw stated in their reports that they felt moody, tense, and anxious and they were very much unable to sleep.

Should Marijuanna Be Legalised Essay Example

In recent years there has been a large ruckus about whether this plant should be legalized. Once Marijuana is legalized it becomes more accessible to persons, this leaves the door open to minors who may now think that it is ‘cool’ to take this dangerous drug even though their parents may strongly forbid it. If Marijuana is legalized it now opens the door to Children whom now have easier access to it. This may but their education in jeopardy since it may now take their focus off of school and place it on the urge to obtain the drug. In Today’s world Movies portray ‘potheads’ or Marijuana smokers as being harmless, loving people who spend their time partying and feasting on snacks , however what they don’t show is these people flunking out of school, losing their jobs, frustrated because they are too hung up on one thing, Marijuana. Don’t you want your children, nieces and nephews and even your siblings to have a bright future?

The legalization of Marijuana will make it more acceptable in society, easily obtainable and the consumption rate would go up. For example after Marijuana was legalized in the Netherlands there was a high rise in the amount of people that was using it. With more people using it, more individuals are now opened to the dangerous health effects. In an interview Dr.David Murray stated that ‘Marijuana use is the leading cause of treatment need for those abusing or dependent on illegal drugs’. Hence not only will more people use the drug, but more of them will become addicted.

The advocates of marijuana legalization may say that the drug makes people happy and it is not any more dangerous than alcohol, it may also be said that it cures diseases and enables creativity and open-mindedness, But is this really so ? Yes, Marijuana does in fact help to cure diseases but Cannabis takes a toll on your health and even though it aids in the curing of cancer and asthma, do you actually know that it is bad for both your mental and physical health? Marijuana is even more toxic than cigarette smoke. Regular users face lung problems as much as twenty years earlier than cigarette smokers do (Hawkins, 2014) . He also stated that it decreases the fertility rate in men and can cause serious birth defects, mental abnormalities and an increased risk of leukemia in children.

The smoking of Marijuana even five hours before driving can cause an accident because of motor impairment. Yes, we may say that Cannabis should be legalized, but how would you knowing that the person driving ahead or even behind of you can get into an accident endangering your life because they were just smoking pot? Isn’t it scary?

Cannabis is a ‘gateway’ to other drugs. Since Marijuana is addictive it is evident that people who use it may more likely move on to harder drugs. Do we move on from there to Crack or even Heroin? According to (Swift, 2011) the smoking of Marijuana daily and on a regular basis sets up users for a lifetime of multiple drug use .This is so since daily or even weekly drug users are three times more likely to take other drugs than occasional users. Once individuals begin using Marijuana heavily they are more likely to resort to crime to keep up with their addictions and it may in fact cause a breakdown in their relationships with others. Some people would say, “If they want to do it, great, then it’s no business of ours”, but is this true ? Now is the time to think about it because although it’s easy to thoughtlessly legalize a drug like marijuana, when things go predictably wrong, it will be a lot harder as they say to put the genie back in the bottle.

Indeed there are both positive and negative effects when dealing with the topic at hand, but before arguing and create a large ruckus about legalizing Marijuana. We should realize that whichever way we go there would always be consequences to face. So I urge you to think about your own life than may be placed in danger, and even the lives of your love ones. Is the legalization of Marijuana worth it?

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