Should men and women compete in sport equally?

5 May 2016

“Absolutely we could beat them, why not?” said Hope Powell, when somebody asked her whether the England women’s football team, which she manages, could beat Roy Hodgson’s team. “‘I think physically the guys are obviously a lot stronger than the women, but with technical ability I think we’re as good as the men.”

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Should men and women compete in sport equally?
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And this question about the equality of men and women in sport is still very interesting. Could women compete equally with men, or are they destined to compete against each other in separate events? First of all, it is certainly true that women have less physical strength than men and that a mutual competition would lead to only very few women having a chance to win in disciplines like Weightlifting or Athletics.

Moreover, in many disciplines physique is not the key factor for success, for example in Bowling or Darts. On average, women perform worse than men even in those disciplines. However, this might be mostly due to different factors like less women take up these sports and being less promoted. Secondly, it is necessary to mention that most of the activities that are today called sports were originally adapted in mainly for males and therefore, these activities included some things that males were good at, things requiring strength, muscle mass and etc.

That is why it depends on the sport. In physical contact sports such as rugby or boxing, men are more likely to be better – simply because they are probably better built for such sports. So, the reason men and women compete separately is because men and women are built differently. In non-contact sports, there is no reason for men and women not to be able to compete together, but when it comes to hard physical contact, men and women should compete separately.

Women are tend to be weaker/smaller than men. It wouldn’t be a good idea to put a 100 kg guy against some girl who would be much smaller. It doesn’t means that women don’t have talent, but they should do sport on a different level. In conclusion, it would be good to add that women should be allowed to be in men’s teams and if they are on the same level as men then they should compete together, if not – they should be on their own gender team.

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