Should Scholarships

This leads to many feeling that scholarships should not be given to students who are financially well off because they have the ability to finance the penalty. Believe that everyone should be given equal opportunities and also because scholarships are not only about the money but also the prestige that comes with it. However, I recognize the fact that there are many ungrateful students who do not deserve the scholarships. Disagree those students who are wealthy to be deprived of a scholarship because firstly, everyone should be given a chance to be awarded a scholarship based on their ability.A student’s good performance should be recognized regardless of his financial background as it will be unfair if one qualifies for a scholarship based on merit but is deprived of it just because he is financially well off. Just like one of Singapore National Education message, we must uphold meritocracy and incorruptibility, which means everyone in this nation, should be given a level and fair playing field and anyone with the ability should be recognized.

Thus, a scholarship should be awarded based on he applicant’s academic results as well as his achievements in other areas.Secondly, scholarships allows the scholar to stand out in a group of applicants for a job which allows them to have a better job which eases the process of getting a job for himself. This also allows him to get more respect for himself in the society and also a better-respected place for himself in the society. The reason why a scholarship holder IS preferred compared to another applicant who does not have a scholarship is because, scholarships are usually an indication that the applicant has achieved excellent results in his academics and non-academic areas .An employer will give a scholarship holder a job compared to a non-scholarship holder as there is a higher possibility that he is a high achiever. Therefore , a student should not be deprived of this opportunity just because of his financial background. Though scholarships have these benefits for the scholars, there are some ungrateful beings that bite the hand that feeds them.

These scholars are students who were very studious in school and wanted to get a scholarship so hat someone will sponsor for their education.However, once they have completed their education and if they have financial means, they pay up the amount for their bonded scholarship and escape to another company or help their family to get their business going. We have a notorious example that is Hector Ye. He had been offered a scholarship by the National Computer Board (NC) in the Cornel University where he had extended a year to complete his Master’s Degree. He also wanted to do his research under a distinguished professor to earn his PhD.However when NC insisted that Mr..

Ye should serve his bond, he broke his bond and compensated to stay in America. He had stated that he wanted to stay in America for the next fifteen years as he had felt that he should serve the world not just Singapore. Mr.. Phillip ye, the first chairman of NC had stated that if he had allowed Mr.. Ye to stay in America, he would be mocking the others who came back to serve their bonds.

Therefore, such cases where the scholars betray the company that paid for their education make scholars who pay up their bonds just because they have the financial means unworthy the scholarships which could , have been awarded to another student who is in the need of the financial support In conclusion, scholarships should be awarded to students though they are financially well off as everyone should be given an equal opportunity and also because scholarships is not only about the financial aid it provides but also the prestige that comes with it . Hough there are some ungrateful who make many feel that students who are financially well off should not be awarded a scholarship .

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