Should School Students Do Part Time Jobs

10 October 2016

Low Yee Ching 5S1 In my opinion, I agree that school children should be allowed to work after school. Let me explain to you why I think so. Firstly, school children nowadays are very free after school. Therefore, they should be allowed to work after school so that they will not have the chance to get involved in any crime. Besides, they can learn to be independent while working. This is because they always expect everything to be prepared for them. So, it is a good chance for them to learn how to carry out their daily lives without any help. It is very useful to them when they step out into the complicated working society.

Furthermore, there are many school children who come from poor families. In the family, their fathers are the only breadwinners. Their pocket money is not enough for them to carry out their daily activities. When their parents experience financial constraints, their pocket money is reduced. Therefore, they take on part-time jobs to earn more pocket money and also to reduce the burden of the family. Moreover, school children can also learn how to manage their time well between studying and working. They should plan a timetable for their studies and do their revision by following the schedule.

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This is to ensure that they pass their examinations with good results. They are trained to use their time wisely because time is priceless. In addition, school children can obtain more invaluable working experiences while having a part-time job. They meet many new friends and help one another whenever somebody needs a helping hand. Besides this, they also learn how to communicate with the customers. They have the chance to communicate with different personalities and as a result, get to improve their communicative skills. Apart from that, school children can also learn to be more responsible while working.

They should finish their work on time and try their best to make it perfect. This can help them to take on their responsibilities more seriously. Moreover, they are given the opportunity to polish their leadership skills. They have to lead the groups to complete their work and also to perform well. In conclusion, I feel that school children should be allowed to work after school as they can learn many things while undertaking a part-time job. We should give them a chance to try because they are the backbones of our country in the future.

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