Should the World be Concerned about Global Warming?

4 April 2015
Scientific details and debate on the greenhouse effect and global warming. Also touches on political and international issues.

This paper deals with both the scientific and political details of global warming. The author describes how global warming is a disturbing and controversial trend that has received increased attention in recent years and how politics often come into play when dealing with international global warming issues.
From the paper:

“Global warming has been a topic of scientific research and debate for decades. In recent years there has been a significant increase in public and political concern over the issue. Many people wonder if global warming is nearly as bad as scientists claim it is. Some question its very existence, insisting that the world is wasting its time and money researching the effects of global warming. Although many people believe that global warming is not a problem, it is an important issue because there are international complications, there is sufficient evidence of its existence, and it is a potentially dangerous situation.”

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