Should There Be a Ban on Fashion Shows

The world’s first ban on models looking skinny to an excessive degree of being characterized as ”Anorexic” women took place in madrid during a top-level fashion show. A Model is defined as ”One serving as an example to be emulated or imitated, served as or used as a model”. That’s not what modeling has come to. We are not exposing women naturally marked by beauty anymore, we are revealing a pathological condition, a result of disease, a psychological disorder and there has to be a start! Why not just use models of all sizes?

Not all women are built the same and the fashion industry needs to realize that. Instead of picking the perfect body type, using all body types would allow women of all shapes and sizes to be comfortable with themselves, this would reduce eating disorders and drug uses. Girls of all body types wouldn’t seek perfection because they would get the message that there is no such thing. The biggest problem with too thin models and celebrities is that they are the people that young girls want to be,or look like.

Having a healthy body is far more important that anything else. But girls from very early ages on, who have low self-images are doing very unhealthy things to try to be skinny. Second of All, women should be choosen based on their ability to walk the runway and not by their size but by their ability to model(walk technic, healthy things). I think the success of the model should be based more on these aspects then size. This is why I aggree on what Spain did.

They are addressing a major message to all models. For too many young models have lost their lives, distroyed their health, trying to keep their jobs. This message brought by Spain can save millions of lives, and all countries should apply this ban. We need women to realize the power they have over their industries and take stand. As a man, I think that the Spanish decision is great, and about time too. I, and all of the men that I know, have…

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