Should Tobacco Advertising Be Restricted? Yes

4 April 2015
This is a persuasive paper detailing the effects of tobacco advertising on the public, primarily youths under the legal smoking age.

This paper argues in favor of the restriction of tobacco advertising that targets youths under the legal smoking age. Through the use of statistics, and personal experience, the author argues the extent of the protection allowed under the First Amendment to tobacco companies and their advertisers.

From the paper:

“Some of these regulations include age verification (by sales persons), the elimination of free samples, and denial of sponsorship of social/cultural events. As it is yet too early to judge whether these newly implemented restrictions will have a great influence on youth consumers, one can only hope to see improvements soon. As I had at one time worked in a store that sold tobacco products, my opinion is that even these new regulations are not enough. Many salespeople simply do not bother to check age identification of tobacco consumers.

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