Should We Be Equipped With Global Issues?

2 February 2019

In modern society, it is really easy to be informed of global issues. It is often said that knowing all the issues deters people from concentrating on one’s life. However, I believe that it is more beneficial for people to recognize what is going around the world for two reasons: globalization and models.

To begin with, the world is interconnected, affecting every single person around the world. This is because due to development of communication and transport devices, the world has been brought closer. Also, boundaries among nations are getting meaningless. Therefore, now what is happening on the right opposite side of the earth can directly have impact on one person. For example, when nine-eleven terror occurred, the United States strengthened its security level. This hinders people from entering the country. I was attending Yale University at that time, and came back to Korea to meet my friends and family during summer vacation.

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Should We Be Equipped With Global Issues?
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However, due to the serious incident, it took me forever to go back to the US, so I had to miss numerous days of semester. I had to spend a lot of days to explain my situation and solve the problems. This implies that even though the incident did not happened in the county that I stayed, but it directly had impact on my life. Knowing what is happening in the world will enable people to prepare for the disaster.

In addition, the reactions for catastrophe of other nations can be a great footstep. This is obvious that history repeats itself. Thus, what happened in different part of the earth can someday occur to me. Hence, Knowing the policy and results of it allows people to cope with incidents cleverly. For instance, there were a lot of serious defect in the Japanese education system, which have deteriorated potentiality of intelligent students. However, Korea was forced to implement Japanese education system, such as unnecessarily strict dress code and cramming and injecting teaching system. Japan’s position in the global world is now dwindling due to lack of prospective human resources. Thus, Korea is trying to renovate the dull education system to boost creativity and leadership, not to follow the Japan’s path. This shows that by watching the pathetic consequence of bad policy, the other nation can correct the mistake and get ahead of others, being competitive.

To sum up, I firmly believe that people need to know about the current of the global world as it can have influence on each individual and one can figure out the effective solution. All in all, we should not overlook the importance of mutual relations and benefits.

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