Sibling Bereavement

4 April 2015
Examines support groups for surviving brothers & sisters. Looks at special needs, techniques, therapy, examples and age factors.

Sibling bereavement support groups have formed to help assist bereaved siblings adjust to family losses. The loss of a brother or sister, and the manner in which surviving siblings cope, is the subject of this review of literature dealing with the therapy/treatment/counseling groups which service this population.

Sibling Bereavement Essay Example

The Dougy Center in Portland, Oregon (3909 S. E. 52nd, Portland, Oregon 97206, (503) 775-5683), is one such counseling group which works with bereaved siblings. In 1982, the Dougy Center offered its first support group, for children living with a recent loss. More than a decade later, the center’s comfortable frame house now houses seven full-time staff members and twenty-six support groups. More than 150 volunteers extend the professional social workers’ and psychologists’ work.

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