Sibling Rivalry

4 April 2019

Any person, average or unusual, who obtains the unfortunate blessing of having siblings most likely acknowledges the complexity of American family dynamics that are attached among them. In general, families are anything but easily comprehended in one’s mind. Because of this, it is necessary to recognize and identify these alienable creatures we all know as “brothers and sisters” in order to know how to handle every day situations one may experience at any given time. Chiefly, apparent species of siblings have been divided as follows into these five groups: the Annoyances, the Invisibles, the Mini-Me’s, the Iconics, and of course, the Loveables.

The Annoyances take the primary ranking of all siblings due to the fact that they are the most universal species of the five. It is not unusual to see an Annoyance in a typical household and simply put, they are no more than the meddlesome little boys and girls regularly displayed on reality television one grows up being familiar with. Their conversations consist of mediocre third-grade days at the dinner table and their maturity limits to insisting that the opposite gender is nothing but a cootie-infested nature of some sort. Hair-pulling and pointless screaming are fairly ordinary behavioral acts for this species, also. As far as specialty skills are concerned, jump rope and dodge ball take the ultimate ranking, along with hopscotch and four-square. An Annoyance adores frustrating those around them through giggles, pranks, and other shenanigans of the sort. It is important to remember that Annoyances are a rather ill-behaved cluster that most definitely should not be confided in.

Sibling Rivalry Essay Example

Secondly comes the rather dull and dim Invisibles. Being sad, mournful-like creatures, Invisibles are those fellow members that live under the same roof as you, but rarely go past a distant look across the room. If one is lucky, a series of twelve or so words might be exchanged every now and again, but
for majority of the time, Invisibles enjoy tending to themselves and themselves alone. To witness an Invisible out and about the home is exceedingly rare, because they tend to be self-governing and independent towards their own affairs. Invisibles take pleasure in an assortment of comic books, video games, and additional activities as such. Despite their seemingly innocent facade, Invisibles tend to be suspicious beings with an almost hidden side. Let it be forewarned now: Be cautious around Invisibles, for their actions and thoughts are almost always unknown.

Next are the Mini-Me’s. Ah, an emotional sect of the species indeed. Those young ones who esteem just about anyone for anything and get under the skin in sheer annoyance can be identified as Mini-Me’s. Though they are annoying, one cannot help but love a Mini-Me in some sort of way. Mini-Me’s often times have their older siblings looking out for them regardless if they know of it or not. Respecting a Mini-Me is essential, for they simply reflect the actions of those around them and fail to realize their behaviors often. Ordinarily, these beings morph into well-built individuals with a set vision of the future that lies ahead of them. One should look upon a Mini-Me with admiration and nobility.

The Iconics place fourth among the world of brothers and sisters. These children are the stereotypical siblings one reads about in inspirational stories and sees in posed photographs on magazines. Between the perfectly-fitting attire, pearly white smiles, combed back hair, and overall groomed appearance, Iconics live in fantasy realms only. Being severely fictional, Iconics are unfortunately inexistent and not real. Iconic children tend to have plain and straightforward names such as Bob, or Joe, or John; Mary, Kate, or Sue. Iconics are uninteresting and bluntly stated, bland people that lack personality, and are the definition of “normal”. Consideration should be taken when encountering an Iconic of any sort.

Finally, the most astounding beings in the sibling realm arrive; the Lovables. These beings were created to love and be loved, no matter what the situation. Dimples, a crooked smile, missing teeth, or even a disability can be characteristics of a Loveable, and these attributes make it extremely difficult to hate one. Their innocent beauty ranges, and the sole trait Loveables necessitate is TLC itself from those around them. When this thirst is not quenched, the Loveable will slowly fade away; much like a flower. It is for this exact reason that a person must be primarily empathetic and humble toward a Loveable. By performing such a simple task, a Loveable will be compassionate and kind-hearted in return.

Taking into account all the siblings on the face of the planet, whether it be of African culture or European descent, all siblings can be identified as an Annoyance, Invisible, Mini-Me, Iconic, or Loveable. By being informed of the different sibling types among the world, one can begin to understand, recognize, and appreciate the complexity of siblings.

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