Siergiej leads Girls Hockey into ’10 Season

The only current professional women’s hockey coach and player in the United States of America is now manning the Girls Varsity team at Arrowhead High School. Jinelle Siergiej, a member of the 2009–10 United States national women’s ice hockey team, also won silver medal at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and is now the head coach at Arrowhead High School.

The girls program now is under its fourth coach, and looks to build off of last year’s season. The Warhawks return a squad that has featured large amounts of underclassmen the past three years. Varsity experience should pay off for the team this year, and should lessen the pressure on Ziergiej to perform in her first year as Varsity Head Coach.

β€œThe past few years have been a work in progress, as we have had many young faces competing at the varsity level. This year, all those young players have at least one year of varsity experience, which should make this year a good year for the girls program. I’m excited to hit the ice,” said senior and four year Varsity letter-winner Mariah.

The Warhawks previous campaigns have been railed due to injuries, players leaving the team, and inconsistent play from varsity newcomers.

β€œThis year, we should be able to put the past four years together, and make something special happen. The girls have trained hard, and we are ready to enter the season with confidence that we are a team to beat,” said senior Mikayla.

The girl’s season begins in November with the girls taking on the Thunder on the 20th of November.

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