Significance of Festivals Essay Sample

India is a multilingual and a multicultural state. The civilization alterations from State to State. the linguistic communication is different from one province to another and the people have many manners of frock. In diverseness we find unity. This is the curious nature of India. Just because there are people belonging to assorted faiths. there are assorted sorts of festivals. each denoting the spiritual religion of the broad assortment of people. The astonishing assortments of spiritual religions which co-exist in the Indian sub-continent hold given rise to multi spiritual festivals. What a assortment. what a assortment and yet what a fantastic integrity! Despite the occasional violent incidents originating out of the high quality composite of some people belonging to a higher caste the underlying cloth of integrity is still strong. The legion festivals of India lend an enrapturing coloring material to it as its otherwise dressed people. as its people of bright. brown and dark skin color. as its people of lingual differences. as its people of different civilizations. unrecorded together.

The assorted festivals of the assorted spiritual communities that we all. as Indians celebrate. uncover the illustriousness of the One Supreme Almighty. who is manifest as different Supreme beings and Goddesses. The one-year festivals are reminders to us of the illustriousness and glorifications of the assorted signifiers of God. There are Hindus. Christians. Muslims. Jains. Buddhists. and Parsees etc. But the Hindus have the largest figure of festivals. The Hindus worship a figure of Gods and Goddesses like Rama. Krishna. Siva. Vishnu. Subramanian. Ganesha. Surya. Durga. Lakshmi. and Saraswati and so on. Each God and Goddess is worshipped on an auspicious twenty-four hours in a twelvemonth. And so there are Pooja and festivals for the Hindus throughout the twelvemonth. Sri Rama Nava. a ten-day festival celebrated in honor of Sri Rama. is a festival when supplications are offered and vocals are sung. Sri Krishna Jayanti which falls in the month of August is celebrated with much ostentation. Sivarathri in honor of Lord Siva is a sacred twenty-four hours when Pooja are conducted in the Siva Temples.

The Navarathri. a nine- twenty-four hours festival in honor of Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Durga and Goddess Saraswati. is besides a expansive juncture. In south India an exhibition of dolls is held in most of the houses during the nine yearss. The temple festivals are besides expansive occasions when the divinities of temples are taken in a profession on the streets and fans in big Numberss worship them. The auto festival. when the divinities are seated in tall. big fantastic chariots. which are drawn through many streets by the fans. attracts big crowds. Deepavali is a national festival. The Christians celebrate Christmas with midnight service in Churches and banquet. Christmas is a festival celebrated all over the universe. The Sikhs celebrate the birthdays of their spiritual leaders. Among them the martyrdom of Guru Argon Dev is important. The Parsees celebrate Navroz. The Jains celebrate Mahavir Jayanti. The Buddhists celebrate the Buddha Poornima. the twenty-four hours of enlightenment of Lord Buddha. The Muslims fast during the Raman month. They celebrate Milady Nab. Barked and Muharram. All the festivals of India have a great significance.

Diwali. a spiritual Hindu festival

Diwali as 1000000s of people in India know it ; is one of the chief spiritual festival’s that take’s topographic point in the Hindu calendar in India. It marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year and is celebrated with great enthusiasm for over a period of 5 yearss ( In some topographic points in India ) by people of Hindu faith all over India. It is celebrated in assorted ways in different parts of India ; though it is celebrated everyplace with the same spirit. It signifies a new beginning for people. some people consider their wickednesss for the twelvemonth to be washed one time the rites and celebrations associated with Diwali are completed.

The narrative behind “why diwali is celebrated” is really graphic. Diwali celebrates The Hindu God Rama’s homecoming that is his return to his hometown Ayodhya after the licking of Ravana and his enthronement as the male monarch. The fable related to the festival is that of King Dashratha’s three married womans viz. Kaushalaya. Keykayee and Sumitra and his four boies Rama. Bharat. Laxmana and Shatrughan. Rama was the boy of Kaushalaya and Bharat was the boy of Keykayee ; Keykayee wanted Bharat to be the following King of Ayodhya. while King Dasharatha wanted Rama his eldest and wisest boy to be the future King. Queen Keykayee made full usage of the two wischaracter and are associated with some topographic point. saint or pir. The carnivals and festivals pulling big assemblages are taken advantage of by Government. spiritual and societal administrations. and concern houses. for making promotion. As in the adjoining territories. the spiritual festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm in the territory. Gurpurbs are the largest spiritual festivals of the Sikhs which are celebrated with great devotedness and love for the Gurus. A big figure of Hindus besides participate in these jubilations. Large divans are held on the birthdays of Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh and on the martrydom yearss of Guru Arjan DEV and Guru Tegh Bahadur.


Bangladesh is a little state in Asia. with the major population to be Muslim ( 80 % ) . However. it is besides the place of other spiritual groups. chiefly Hindu. with a population of approximately 16 % and besides Christians and Buddhists with little per centum. Minorities include Biharis and tribal ; among the tribal Chakma is the largest. In general. this state ne’er had major issues sing spiritual diverseness ; but to cognize the sentiment of people in general. we interviewed a Muslim homemaker. a Christian adult female working at a beauty parlour. and a Hindu university pupil. We asked them a figure of inquiries about their spiritual festivals. religion. and sentiment on other faiths and cultural differences.

Harmonizing to our collected replies. the chief two festivals for Muslims are- Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul_Azha ; for Hinduism- Durga and Kali puja ; for Christians- Christmas and Easter. Overall they all showed respect towards other faith and said that Bangladesh is receptive to diverseness. The pupil felt that faith is so a major cause for unrest around the universe. The sentiment of the Muslim lady and the Christian pupil matched as they said that to maintain peace integral. we should non knock other faiths and non state anything violative about them. Everyone has their ain belief and they are right on their places. Therefore. we should non experience ourselves superior to others. Sing civilization. there are a figure of differences in eating wonts. dress up and day-to-day life. Bangladeshi people are fond of rice. veggies and fish fundamentally. However. Hindi people are fond of chapati ( a signifier of staff of life ) and sweet dishes ; Christians like wine a batch and they eat bread and imbibe vino to retrieve Jesus. this is called- Communion. Muslim ladies wear saree or salwar kameez chiefly. and at times they wear a head covering ( knowh as nakab ) to cover their faces.

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