Signs and Examples of Unhealthy Relationships

3 March 2017

There are many factors that can destroy a relationship. One of the many causes that relationships brake is because jealousy. Jealousy is an emotion many people feel when they feel they are going to lose something they want. Jealousy is many times the inspiration of music, movies, poems, art, etc. Jealousy can be treated, even though it is not an illness. Jealousy can be caused by insecurity, a traumatic effect in childhood or with another relationship, low-self esteem, fear of loss, or betrayal.

It is important to get treated because destroy your relationship. It will help you recognize you have a problem which the feeling of jealousy will continue with every relationship. There are signs to help you recognize you have a problem. Checking your partners e-mail, phone calls, making conclusions on what the partner is doing when you are not with them, reacting possessive over the relationship, and mis- interpreting signs of behavior. Many times your mind makes up ideas that are not truth. Something you believe on but not really happening, it is imagined.

This is a serious problem and you need help. Jealousy delusion is a false belief that your love one is being unfaithful, but is really not. One example of this is the play Othello by Shakespeare. In this play Othello becomes jealousy with Desdemona making up things between Desdemona his wife and Cassio a close friend of Desdemona that are not truth. Jealousy drives him to kill Desdemona and at the end when he finds out that Desdemona wasn’t unfaithful to him he kills him self. Crimes of passion, where many people has murder because they found their love one with another person.

This happened before occasionally crimes of passion are committed as well because jealousy emotion. In a relationship there should be trust between each other. Trust is an important key to functioning in a relationship. If you have trust in your partner then there would be less Jealousy. Trust helps cope with the fear of loss of someone you love. This supported by the journal Trust, Variability, in Relationship Evaluations, and Relationship Process “Trust involves the juxtaposition of peoples’ loftiest hopes and aspirations in relation to their deepest worries and fears.

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