Silence Wreaks Havoc on America

BREAKING NEWS: Coming as a shock to absolutely no one, rumors about the alleged escape of Killer Silence have been confirmed. According to reports from the Deputy of Speaking Your Mind, this criminal is highly persuasive and poses a threat to anyone with personal values. Killer Silence has been known to wreak havoc during times of great political controversy, but his destruction is never truly contained behind bars. In the event of an encounter with said criminal, please call the Informed Opinions Department immediately. Failure to take action could compromise your safety and clear conscience.

According to recently released files, Killer Silence has been charged on tireless accounts of convincing people with valuable opinions to remain silent on pressing issues in America. This versatile criminal has pervaded countless areas of debate, taking a toll on everything from politics to education to family. His crimes range from warning students against standing up to a bully to convincing a senator to vote in favor of a law that perpetuates violence. Killer Silence will continue to undermine our country’s goals if we don’t lock him away for good.

Killer silence is cunning in his infiltration of American society. You may not notice him lurking during your middle school debates or dinner table conversations, but more often than not, Killer Silence is there. He is often disguised as “keeping the peace” and will leave your likability intact. You may, however, discover a feeling of guilt after stuffing your opinions down a few too many times. As appealing as a polite conversation seems, the truth of this matter cannot be avoided: the longer Killer Silence roams free, the longer you remain imprisoned by his coercion.

Killer Silence has made his most obvious impact on America in the macro sense. As local officer Jeffrey Justice states, “Killer Silence has been undermining the work of political advocates for decades.” Many people who’ve dedicated their careers to improving America’s laws and social institutions have found their efforts futile because of this criminal’s persistence. Killer Silence has made it extremely difficult for core problems to be addressed within our government; people are afraid to speak out. His presence in America promotes an alarming amount of prejudice and discriminatory behavior on an institutional level. Without strong advocates for positive change, this convict will continue to stanch our progression as a country.

While Killer Silence has played a large role in our country’s destructive tendencies in the past, there is still hope for justice. This criminal’s capture begins with making changes on a small level. The next time that you come into contact with Killer Silence, don’t be afraid to confront him head-on. Voice your concerns with the way an individual is being treated; write an article about the way you think climate change should be addressed. This felon feeds off inaction. Sharing your opinions may not seem like a major contribution, but change on a national scale starts with a few people standing up for their beliefs. Small steps will lead to larger steps; larger steps will lead to real progression. The stronger our convictions are, the sooner we can see Killer Silence behind bars. This felon may be threatening, but if we band together and raise our voices, the silence won’t be quite as deafening.

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