Similarities Beetween Willy And Biff In DeATHof

9 September 2017

A Salesman Essay, Research Paper

Similarities Between Willy and Biff in Death of a Salesman

by toilet moster

Arthur Miller? s Death of a Salesman is the tragic narrative of Willy Loman who? s life is a uninterrupted anguish. He feels as if he had failed in accomplishing anything for himself or his household. One of his dreams was to go a successful salesman, but alternatively, he supports his household with the loans he receives from his friend because his occupation earns him nil. He lives with his married woman Linda, and his two boies, Biff and Happy. Biff was another dream of Willy? s. Biff was to be a professional football participant, but he gave up his attempts in life after catching his male parent cheating on Linda. When Willy realizes the consequences of his extramarital actions, he commits suicide. Willy and Biff are really similar in that they both had no positive function theoretical accounts, both feel that success is more of import than enjoyment, and both had dreams taken off from them.

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Similarities Beetween Willy And Biff In DeATHof
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The first manner in which Biff and Willy is their deficiency of a positive function theoretical accounts. Willy? s male parent left him when he was a babe, and ne’er had anyone to steer him through life. In consequence, this left Biff with no positive function theoretical account. Willy

had ne’er received good influential parenting and ne’er learned how to positively act upon Biff. All of the good advice Biff received from Willy is shattered when he learns of his male parent? s extramarital relationship. He says, ? You fake! You phony small sham! ? to Willy, bespeaking that everything Willy had told him is disregarded. Biff feels disillusioned by his function theoretical account and believes that everything he learned about life from his male parent is nonmeaningful, and he gives up on life.

Another manner in which Willy and Biff are similar is their thought that success is more of import than enjoyment. Willy is shown to hold a great involvement in horticulture and woodworking, but he insists on being a salesman. He believes that regard is merely given to the successful and he would ne’er take up his involvements as an business. Biff inherits this thought from Willy. Willy wants Biff to go a celebrated professional football participant. Biff? s true desire is to work on a spread, which he finally does and have unfavorable judgment from Willy. Biff? s thought of the importance of success is what drives him to make many things in his early life. This is why he gives up on life when he reasoned that the thought that he learned from his male parent was a prevarication.

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