Similarities Between “Anthem” and the Creation Story Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Possibly the most good known narrative of the Holy Bible is that of the creative activity narrative. In this narrative. God creates the Earth in six yearss and remainders on the seventh. after making visible radiation. dark. oceans. and animate beings of all types. When he feels that there should be animals other than animate beings. he creates adult male. in His image. He names this adult male Adam. and so creates a opposite number for his new creative activity. Eve. Adam and Eve lived together in harmoniousness with God and all the other animate beings in the Garden of Eden. a Eden where immorality did non be. and their lone regulation was to non eat from the tree of Knowledge. However. Adam and Eve. under the enticement of the snake. showed greed. and wanted to be more like God. so they ate the fruit. in order to go like God.

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Similarities Between “Anthem” and the Creation Story Essay Sample
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When compared in deepness. the supporter of the creative activity narrative. Adam. and the street sweeper. Equality 7-2521. of Ayn Rand’s Anthem are condemned work forces. whose narratives are really similar. salvage one key difference.

These two work forces were condemned for the exact same ground: they let their greed overpower every other feeling they had. ““You will surely non decease. ” the snake said to the adult female “For God knows that when you eat from it ( the tree of cognition ) your eyes will be opened. and you will be like God. cognizing good and evil” ( Genesis 3:4-5 ) . While it was non Adam who though of eating from the tree. he did do the witting determination to fall victim to the ineluctable greed that all worlds are plagued with. Equality 7-2521 fell to the same greed that Adam had. but towards another party. himself. In the society that Equality 7-2521 lives. there is no remarkable “I” . there is merely “we” . In fact. the penalty for the denial of the belief that they have adopted. “What is non done jointly can non be good” ( Rand 73 ) . is decease. When Equality 7-2521 discovers a hole that leads down to a railroad station from the “Unspeakable Times” . he finds himself drawn to it. Equality 7-2521 enjoyed being entirely in the dark of the station. and in making so he was perpetrating a mortal offense in his society. Both of these work forces were subjected to the greed. which was supposed to be nonexistent in their universes. that is undeniably a portion of human nature. and in making so. offended the most powerful figures of their societies.

In the Bible. God is the Godhead. the destroyer. and is the individual most powerful entity in the universe of Adam. When Adam and his married woman. Eve. Ate from the tree of cognition. this enraged God. and they were punished greatly for it. “To Adam He ( God ) said. “Because you listened to your married woman and ate fruit from the tree about which I commanded you. ‘You must non eat from it. ’ “Cursed is the land because of you ; through painful labor you will eat nutrient from it all the yearss of your life. It will bring forth irritants and thistles for you. and you will eat the workss of the field. By the perspiration of your forehead. you will eat your nutrient until you return to the land. since from it you were taken ; for dust you are and dust you are to return” ( Genesis 3:17-19 ) . As a consequence of his noncompliance to God. Adam and his married woman are forced to endure through the hurting of decease. without the comfort of the Garden of Eden. where decease and hungriness were ne’er a job. For this ground. they were put on the Earth: to open up a civilisation of their ain. and unrecorded off of it.

“Adam made love to his married woman Eve. and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. She said “With the aid of the Lord. I have brought away man” Later. she gave birth to his brother Abel” ( Genesis 4:1-2 ) . This. dwelling the Earth. and making a civilisation to populate in. is now Adam and Eve’s precedence. to populate off of others. as they can now see decease. Such a destiny is similar to Equality 7-2521. when he offends the bookmans of his town after demoing them the merchandise of his sedateness. “How dared you think that your head held greater wisdom than the heads of your brothers? And if the councils had decreed that you should be a Sweet Sweeper. how dare you think that you could be of greater usage to adult male than in brushing the streets? ” “We shall present this animal to the World Council itself and allow their will be done. ” ( Rand 71. 72 ) . Equality 7-2521. in his dependence to being entirely. has offended the “gods” of his society. similar to God in the creative activity narrative. For his actions. Equality 7-2521 is tortured. and about experiences decease. as Adam does when he offended God by eating of the tree.

Equality 7-2521 subsequently flights from his prison. where he was tortured. and made his manner to the “Uncharted Forest” . a topographic point where no adult male is permitted entryway. He comes across a house from the “Unspeakable Times” and inhabits it with a fellow refugee. Liberty 5-3000. whom he loves. The undertaking that Equaltiy 7-2521 assigns himself after many yearss of contemplation is to construct up a force against the society of “we” . He says that he will salvage his friends. “And they will follow me and I shall take them to my fortress. And here. in this chartless wilderness. I and they. my chosen friends. my fellow-builders. shall compose the first chapter in the history of man” ( Rand 101 ) . Adam and Equality 7-2521 both took it upon themselves to construct a new society when they were cast out of their old 1 for piquing the most powerful figures. However. their results were rather different in how they took their earful.

Adam. after being told that he is capable to trouble and enduring. when God proclaims. “By the perspiration of your forehead. you will eat your nutrient until you return to the land. since from it you were taken ; for dust you are and dust you are to return” . shows no reaction. It is about as if he accepted his destiny without reproach. which seems really curious. given the old conditions of his life agreement. While Adam solemnly accepts his destiny. Equality 7-2521 embracings it with unfastened weaponries. laughing after he fell from a tree subdivision. upon a bed of moss. so continuing to turn over down the moss bed. branchlets and foliages in his apparels and hair ( Rand 79 ) . The new milieus that Equality 7-2521. who has taken on the name of Prometheus. has inhabited are new and exciting. all around. and he portions it with his lover. Liberty 5-3000. who now goes by Gaea.

Adam and Equality 7-2521. or Prometheus. are about one in the same adult male: both fell victim to their ain greed. both offended the “gods” of their society. and both were deemed castawaies. taking their lovers with them. While the buildup to the flood tide of both the narratives of Adam and Equality 7-2521 are about the same. they branch off from each other towards the terminal. Adam. accepting decease as a world. and Equality 7-2521. accepting new life as a free adult male. While both work forces were presented with less than pleasant state of affairss. they made the best out of them: Adam. protracting the lifetime of the human race with the company of Eve. and Equality 7-2521 defecting from his old place. choosing to get down a new one with Liberty 5-3000 and his friends. traveling to demo that a state of affairs is what one makes of it. non what is already made for them.

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