Simple Plan –

7 July 2019

Simple Plan first captured our hearts with catchy pop-punk anthems sure to speak to any teenager. “Perfect” gave hope to us with parents who just didn’t understand. “I’d Do Anything” spoke to that one person we’d do anything to get back in our lives. And of course, “Welcome to My Life” and “I’m Just a Kid” perfectly describe the hardships of being a teenager. Now, the fabulous five are back with a new album and a whole new style.

Simple Plan’s third studio album is a slight step away from their punk roots. Fans were undoubtedly shocked to hear the night club-esque beats that introduced “When I’m Gone,” the first track (and first single). But even amidst the hip-hop beats and electro-rock guitar riffs, traces of Simple Plan can still be found, giving the album comfort regardless of the break from their traditional style.

“When I’m Gone” is followed by the fast-paced rock song “Take My Hand,” which cannot be heard without toe-tapping and head-bopping. The rest of the CD doesn’t fail to deliver much-needed karaoke opportunities. From soft rock ballads like “I Can Wait Forever” to funky rock jams like “Generation” to familiar pop-punk territory like “Time to Say Goodbye,” the band keeps fans on their toes, changing and experimenting while remaining Simple Plan.

Although the CD “Simple Plan” is not what anyone expected from these punk heroes, it will unquestionably please old fans while charming a new generation of fans as well.

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