Simple Poem for Virginia Woolf

4 April 2015
A discussion on the poem “Simple Poem for Virginia Woolf” by Bronwen Wallace.

This paper looks at the Bronwen Wallace’s poem A Simple Poem for Virginia Woolf and discusses whether there is a primary acceptance or primary rejection of the aspirations for women’s writing articulated by Virginia Woolf in her essay “Women and Fiction”.
“We also see another trait in the poem that may be a reflection of the intellectual freedom. Woolf criticizes many past female authors that have succeeded in the style they adopted, masculine in terms of standards and messages, Wallace is not compiling with any traditional standards, she has a style of her own. There are no rigid rhythms or rhymes, on strong patterns, indeed this poem may be seen as the reflections or ramblings of an everyday woman, yet is it still successful in the way it conveys a message.”

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