Simply Sleep and Tylenol PM – The Advertisement

4 April 2015
A rhetorical analysis of the advertisement for Simply Sleep and Tylenol PM.

The paper closely analyzes the advertisement. It focuses on the target audience, the text and its suggestions, the irony in the text and the way that the text puts across the message of the advertisement.
“The advertisement is for Simply Sleep and Tylenol PM. Simply Sleep is used to treat insomnia. Tylenol PM is used to treat insomnia as well as to relieve pain. The advertisement features a hand-written message over a background showing a dark forest with a new moon in the sky above the text. The audience for the advertisement is anyone suffering from insomnia, whether insomnia on its own, or in combination with pain. The advertisement promises that the product will relieve the insomnia and insomnia sufferers will not have to spend any more nights sitting up awake.”

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