Since Day 1

In my preschool play, of snow white, yours truly starred as the Evil Witch, well known for the infamous “apple” bit. By first grade, I wanted complete solitude; being left alone with piles of paper and a Crayola set, and I was in utter bliss. I even enrolled in art class (which, I admit now seems extremely comical). My dreams of being a freelance artist gave me an outlet for creativity, and left me with calluses on my fingers from holding pencils too hard. In elementary school, an author came to speak to my class about “creative writing” and I was instantly sent into a trance. The entire idea of being able to put words on paper and create an image in a reader’s mind lead me to write and illustrate my own short novel about a boy who encounters a fairy. Midway through my seventh grade year, I discovered, yet again, something awe-inspiring, that I told myself I would someday make as my career. Yes, a fashion designer. I set out to the local book store and bought countless sketch pads as well as The Essential Fashion Illustration Book. My freshmen year, I was a dancing sensation, described as “the real life High School Musical girl” who I have my step sister to thank for the loving nickname.

I was always headstrong, assertive, and I had every intention of making my many dreams come true, even at the tender age of six. I knew that nothing in life was easy, I knew that to reach a goal, one simply had to apply hard work, dedication, and commitment, and I also had a good feeling, that no matter what I did, my future was bright. Being a high school senior, I believe I maintained that level of perseverance as well as my continuously growing list of “what I want to be when I grow up.” Despite the fact that my age may be at the legally considered “adult level,” I still fully cherish my imagination, as well as my life-long philosophy of reaching for the moon, because even if you fail, you may land on a star. I hope to be considered a wonderful recruit for your University, because I feel as if I have the world at my fingertips each and every day.

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