Sing by Ed Sheeran

8 August 2019

British bands and artists have recently been climbing the charts in America. Some call it the second British invasion; others are completely annoyed with the influx of “foreign” music. Nevertheless, new pop sensations are working their way up the charts. For example, One Direction have skyrocketed to stardom; Ellie Goulding has dropped numerous hit singles; Cher Lloyd has toured with Demi Lovato; The 1975 and Little Mix have their own headline tours in the U.S. Recently, though, a new British artist has been making a name as a singer-songwriter in America.

Edward Christopher Sheeran (also known as Ed Sheeran) started his career in 2008 with a self-released album that caught the attention of superstars Jamie Foxx and Elton John. From there, he released his debut album entitled “+” in 2011, and now his second album, “x” (Multiply) is being released this year. His first single from “Multiply” has already been released. Its titled “Sing,” and has hit high on the iTunes charts internationally.

Sing by Ed Sheeran Essay Example

“Sing” is definitely a change of pace from Sheeran’s earlier work. Most songs on the “+” album were slow, yet upbeat, and contained meaningful lyrics that he wrote himself or co-wrote with other famous artists. “Sing” starts out upbeat with a heavy guitar influence, and it seems that throughout the song the beat only gets faster. Its lyrics are about meeting a girl in a somewhat unusual setting, and singing out their feelings for one another, or so my interpretation goes. Half the time, I can’t understand what Sheeran is singing, but I do love his voice crooning through my headphones no matter what words he’s singing. In my opinion, though, “Sing” just doesn’t sound Sheeran to me. I much prefer the “+” album with its mournful, ironic lyrics and warm tones. Even though I enjoy Sheeran’s other work more, I highly anticipate hearing the rest of the “Multiply” album when it releases this June.

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