Single Importance of Humanity

In the website essay, Special Report: Could Wikileaks Cause World War III or the End of the World? David Gewirtz, the author, discusses about the importance of the bond of trust between the people and their government and also between nations internationally. Although the bond of trust may result in betrayal and pain to others, the bond of trust still have to exist between people to improve the society and to prevent careless mistakes. Gewirtz uses rhetorical strategies such as his diction and organization in his argument to effectively convey his perspective on the bond of trust along with his reasoning and analysis.

At the start of the essay, Gewirtz dives into the meaning of trust and its possible consequences in a person-to-person manner by saying “If you think about it, trust is all that stands between us and terrible circumstance” (Gewirtz). As Gewirtz moves on with his arguments, he also states that “we have to trust some people” because we cannot simply do everything and it’s definitely “not possible to do everything yourself” (Gewirtz). From these statements, we can all agree on the fact that no one could do everything on earth himself because then, there is no need for the government and various specialties.

To convey this idea to his audience effectively, Gewirtz uses diction that sets the atmosphere into more personal and appealing directly to his audience. Contractions like “it’s” and “I’m” lightens the serious atmosphere in the discussion about the gravity of trust and allow the readers to easily follow along. Also, the first-person perspective of this essay allows more attention from greater number of readers since the first-person diction is more personal and less formal, which that eliminates the seriousness and provides easy comprehension for people that does not have any knowledge of politics.

Similar to how Martin Luther King Jr. appealed to his audience by using the first-person point of view in the famous I Have a Dream speech. The constant repetition of the “I have a dream…” statements indicates the strong person-to-person appeal to the audience by providing more thinking through the emotion and moral of his audience. Gewirtz also implements his own opinions of the importance of trust by such extreme word choices such as the term, “nuclear Armageddon. ” The organization of the essay is organized in a way that helps emphasize the word “trust” by making a separate paragraph with only the word “trust” in it.

Gewirtz utilizes this technique to let his audience know the importance of “trust” since his main point of this entire essay is about trust. Throughout the essay, Gewirtz also implements his own thoughts and words in parenthetical statements along with his argument in the essay. These include, “or possibly care,” “unless, of course, it’s not time to be nice,” and “yes, pressure” which all of these thoughts are implemented in parenthetical statements along with Gewirtz statements.

These implements meant to effectively allow Gewirtz and his audience to “literally” speak to them face-to-face instead of being formal for the selective fewer audience. Through this rhetorical strategy, reader can conclude that Gewirtz wants his essay to be spoken to the general population and not the selected individuals with the knowledge of politics. At the very beginning and the ending, Gewirtz uses the same format of “trust” in its own separate paragraph and uses a conclusion that is very similar to his introductory paragraph as his final wrap-up.

From this strategy, the reader can infer that not only was Gewirtz tried to maximize his emphasis, but to allow his audience to think differently from when they read his introductory paragraph and what they think about the paragraph at the end of the essay after all of Gewirtz arguments has been made. The arguments made by David Gewirtz strongly appeal to his audience through the use of rhetorical strategies like the diction and organization of his essay.

Because of the elaborate use of these rhetorical strategies, the reader can incorporate his or her thoughts into the emotional thinking which Gewirtz purposely intended to do so. Although there are some logos appeals in his essay, he mainly focuses on the pathos approach to fully earn all of the agreements of his audience. Overall, I strongly believe that Gewirtz essay made his audience think twice in another perspective as a means of fully understanding the gravity of the dangers of WikiLeaks and the importance of trust.

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