Single Mothers

This paper examines the causes of poverty among single mothers.

This paper examines the enduring causes of poverty among single mothers in the United States. It discusses many of the social factors; including social stigma, paid work and parental time constraints, the cost of daycare and the perceived need for children to have a paternal input. It also details the governmental attempts to alleviate some of the problems and the differences in the problems faced by ethnic minority single mothers. The paper contains a lot of statistics and is well researched.
From the paper:

?They make the covers of news magazines and get to appear on the local news. We hear about them endlessly from public officials and during daytime talk shows. IN fact, if you were not careful you might begin to think that all of the problems in society today are caused by them.

“Single mothers.

But why should this group be so generally vilified? Why should so much blame for so many social ills be placed upon them? The answer is twofold. The first is that they violate conventional social ideals about what a family should be, which (even in our postmodern) age is still deeply imbued with ideas about the importance of a patriarchal figure. And, on a more pragmatic level, they require society to help them, for single mothers ? along with their children ? are in general amongst the poorest of Americans.?

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