Sip Learning on Coca Cola

1 January 2017

This is the placing order which is E on the shelves of fridge. * In placing order coke prefer to put its international brand first then they put their national brands(Indian brands). * Coke, Fanta & Sprite are international brand and Thums Up, Mazza, Minute Maid & Kinley water is national brands. Vertical Display * Vertical display is the display of coca cola products on modern trades shelves in a vertical fashion ( i. e from Top to Bottom sheleve) * Brands are stacked in shelves in straight vertical lines from top to bottom.

The shelves from top to bottom can carry different pack sizes, but must be of the same Brand. * This clearly separates the different brands vertically by their colors and looks like different colored vertical windows. 07/04/12-(2nd day) * I have visited some outlets like super market and hyper market with salesman all the day. Note:- I don’t understand many things about the channel segmentation that, I have mentioned. As soon as I will come to know about that, I will mention about them in my further Weekly Report

Sip Learning on Coca Cola Essay Example

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