Sip Learning on Coca Cola

1 January 2017

This is the placing order which is E on the shelves of fridge. * In placing order coke prefer to put its international brand first then they put their national brands(Indian brands). * Coke, Fanta & Sprite are international brand and Thums Up, Mazza, Minute Maid & Kinley water is national brands. Vertical Display * Vertical display is the display of coca cola products on modern trades shelves in a vertical fashion ( i. e from Top to Bottom sheleve) * Brands are stacked in shelves in straight vertical lines from top to bottom.

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Sip Learning on Coca Cola
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The shelves from top to bottom can carry different pack sizes, but must be of the same Brand. * This clearly separates the different brands vertically by their colors and looks like different colored vertical windows. 07/04/12-(2nd day) * I have visited some outlets like super market and hyper market with salesman all the day. Note:- I don’t understand many things about the channel segmentation that, I have mentioned. As soon as I will come to know about that, I will mention about them in my further Weekly Report

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