Sir Haig’s Incompetence

4 April 2015
A discussion of Sir Douglas Haig’s ineffectiveness and incompetence as a captain for the English forces during World War I.

The paper examines the senseless loss of lives of thousands of young soldiers in World War I under the command of Captain Haig, because of his poor battle planning. The paper describes how he could have been a much more successful military officer if had he used the resources he had available to help him plan for battles, learned from his past experiences and used logic when planning his battles.
`Sir Douglas Haig was a controversial and incompetent captain who needlessly lost hundreds of thousands of men due to the management of his battles throughout the war. Despite his ultimate success, Haig’s leadership was very controversial in the years following the war. His battle plans led to the unnecessary death of many of his troops, which must be taken into consideration when analyzing his effectiveness as a captain.`

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