Sir John A. Macdonald

1 January 2017

In 1866, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the province of Canada decided to confederate. Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island didn’t want to yet. The British parliament added British Columbia to Confederation in1871, making it the sixth province. MacDonald had to convince them to join by promising to build a transcontinental railway. He created Canada’s first national park in Banff, Alberta in 1885. He built a nation including Prince Edward Island, the Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia. In doing so, he opened the West for settlement.

He encouraged people in the United States, Britain, and other people in Europe to settle in Canada. Because of what MacDonald did, now Canada has more land and a higher population. As a prime minister, one of his goals was to enlarge the country and make it united. He talked with Metis and agreed to their demands. He also built a transcontinental railway that joined the West and the East. It was named the Canadian Pacific Railway. He also accepted the National Policy to Canada’s population and industrial growth. MacDonald was probably the most important Father of Confederation.

Sir John A. Macdonald Essay Example

He was the person who was able to bridge the gap between the English and French Canadian and balanced their interests so they could live peacefully together. MacDonald also protected tariffs for the Canadian business. He tried to convince voters that an economic union would most likely change to a political union in Canada. He also joined with George Brown (his opponent) to make the Great Coalition. That was an extremely important step towards Confederation and it formed the province of Canada. The British North American Act gave the Dominion of Canada the right to as Canadian government to pass laws.

It also let the people to have their own specific powers and manage their own affairs. Many people didn’t know that he created a very important thing for Canada that is still useful today. That thing that he created is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They also named it the North-West Mounted Police so it would also look like a police force for the Northwest Territories. He created it in 1873 and the reason why he created it was because the Canadians and the Aboriginal people caught small pox and scared of each other.

MacDonald died on June 6, 1891. He was vital to Canada’s history. All the people in Canada should thank him for what he did, he had much power and he decided to use them wisely. We must be proud for our first Prime minister of Canada for John A. MacDonald was an important man without him, Canada would not be as it is today. The Canadian Pacific Railway The first Canadian Pacific Railway train from the Atlantic to the Pacific, June 30, 1886. John A. MacDonald built the Canadian Pacific Railway because it’s good for businesses and traveling.

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