Sister Hazel – Somewhere More Familiar

The first time I heard Sister Hazel, I was reading a Charles Dickens’ novel, and after the first three words of the song I set the book aside and ran my stereo to turn up the volume. Soon I found myself dancing around my room, tossing the book in the air. I had just finished the part where Davy had been dropped off at a London school, and he didn’t seem too happy about it. I wasn’t too into David Copperfield anyway and when this unbelievable sound filled my room, I immediately forgot all about Davy’s troubles. I was flying!! The words just sank in me like a heavy rain. Sister Hazel’s songs are so strong they must be protected by a citadel, and the words move me in a way I can’t describe. They hover over me everywhere I go, constantly re-playing in my head. I soon evolved the habit of trying to sing like Sister Hazel, but I can’t kid myself: the sounds come out discordant. And besides, their voices are impossible to mimic, which makes them unique. No one, but no one, can imitate them. I’ve amassed all their tunes in my mind and just say to myself “WOW” – how could they create such a sound? And the lyrics are incredible, too. “Rain comes pouring down, falling from blue skies/words without a sound coming from your eyes.” Is that awesome, or what? I mean, where have you heard such adages from a band? It doesn’t get better than this! This is the supreme, the Boy’s II Men, Soundgarden, all-in-one … can you believe it? If you haven’t heard Sister Hazel already – check it out. You’ve got some listening to do!.

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