Site Visit Summary Example

8 August 2016

The site visit location was the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort. The visit took place on February 4th of 2014. The purpose of the visit was to gain information about the resort as a whole, and specific information regarding the spa and the resort’s current marketing strategies for it. The Akwesasne contacts are Toby who is the Director of Food and Beverage, Sheila who works in Operations along with MaryEllen.

Darcy is the main contact as she is the Spa Manager, Frank Allen is the Director of Marketing, Nicole works with him closely as she runs the social media aspects of the company’s marketing, Carla is the contact for the Hotel Operations, Vicky runs the Banquet and Hotel Sales department, Jason is the Front Desk Manager, and Patrick is the General Manager of the property. The departments covered during the tour were as follows: Casino, Spa, Hotel, Bingo Palace, Food and Beverage, Marketing, Front Desk, Hotel Operations, and Sales.

Site Visit Summary Example Essay Example

The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort is using several marketing techniques in order to bring attention and promote the Sweetgrass Spa. The company’s hotel guests, tribal community members, and the employees receive a 25% discount at the spa currently. This rate will be dropping within the next two months to 15% for the guests while the rate for the tribal members and employees will remain the same. They are doing this in order to build repeat customers which will keep revenue coming into the spa when times are slower for the business. They also have signage in their elevators promoting specials and the spa.

This is used to get hotel guests into the spa. They are also using local busing companies to bring in large numbers of guests to the casino and the spa. The coordinator for the company gets a free massage if they bring in 25 rooms worth of guests. The sales staff also has referral cards that they give out that give guests 25% off treatments in the spa. After the tour and the question and answer session, there was a difference between what the managers believed about the spa and the reality of it. There was very little advertising for the spa on the casino floor.

This is the area that people spend the most of their time. Increase ads in this area will benefit them greatly. There is also no signage on the outside of the casino building about the spa. A sign facing the road traffic could promote a lot of awareness about the spa seeing as it was recently built. Small advertisements in the pool and hot tub area could be very beneficial as well. The guests in that area are either hotel guests or spa customers. The hotel guests could be easily targeted with knowledge of their 25% discount for being an overnight guest.

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