Skipping Christmas

4 April 2015
An analysis of John Grisham’s novel Skipping Christmas.

This paper critically describes the strengths and weaknesses of this novel, including those by published critics. The paper also compares this Grisham novel to his others and to other Christmas theme novels.
John Grisham has been a number one best selling author for years. Known for his suspense yarns about the legal profession and the block busting movies that ensue his novels, such as The Client, he stepped away from that genre with Skipping Christmas. Released in November 2001, this novel is a light-hearted farce of a man fed up with the norm of his life, and tries to step away from it all by skipping the holiday fanfare, and instead take his wife on a cruise. It is a very enjoyable read and remained on the best seller lists long after the holiday season was over. Grisham has obtained the fame and glory that few writers experience. His books are sold everywhere, from posh bookstores to the local market down the street.

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