1 January 2017

Not many of you may know who Demi Lovato is or what she has recently gone through. Lovato is a very beautiful, strong, and talented girl. She had recently came out of treatment due to eating disorders, bipolar, depression, drugs, and cutting. She had hid her personal life behind cameras since she didn’t want to be the next scandalous artist, but most importantly, Lovato didn’t want to disappoint her fans. But before she had gone through treatment, Lovato had recorded a song name, “Skyscraper. leading her to cry during the recording; she felt that the song had spoken to her especially with her mental and emotional breakdowns.

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A year later, she tried re-recording it once she was out of rehab, but she just couldn’t get the same emotions, so they stuck with her first recording. You can hear and feel the pain in her voice as sings the song Skyscraper. Demi Lovato expresses her challenges and complications through the lyrics of the song by using examples of personification, similes, metaphors, and imagery.

Before Demi Lovato had been introduced to “Skyscraper,” the song was written by Toby Gad, Kerli Kovi, and Lindy Robbins. As soon as Lovato had read the lyrics, she automatically wanted to sing the song. Throughout the recording, Lovato couldn’t stop crying and she knew that the song had meant everything to her. No one would have known that she would have been put into treatment after recording “Skyscraper. ” Skies are crying, I am watching Catching tear drops in my hands Only silence as it’s ending Like we never had a chance Do you have to make feel like

There’s nothing left to me? The first verse above explains how Lovato is watching her life fall apart from a distance. She knows that her darkness and fear has taken over her by now. Toby Gad, Kerli Kovi, and Lindy Robbins uses a metaphorical saying such as “catching teardrops in my hands” as a display of struggle. Another way to demonstrate her way of struggle to the audience is the use of personification in “Skies are crying” this line can have multiple meanings. I believe that it associates with her depression and when she’s off cameras, this how her world is in reality.

You can take everything I have You can break everything I am Like I’m made of glass Like I’m made of paper Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground Like a skyscraper Like a skyscraper In the Chorus above, you can tell over a period of time Lovato is gradually “rising from the ground” and tearing away from this discouraging and hateful character. She starts to grow stronger and attempting to not make anything make her fall down as she sings “Go on and try to tear me down” Lovato is now brave and will be standing high.

A few similes found in the chorus would be, “Like I’m made of paper”, “ Like I’m made of glass and “ Like a skyscraper” these lines contain a more direct view to the emotion. “Like a Skyscraper” shows imagery of how the message is important by how she is rising from the ground up high, standing high and strong like a skyscraper. The phrase “Like a Skyscraper” would be defined as the most important meaning of the song. As the smoke clears, I awaken And untangle you from me Would it make you feel better

To watch me as I bleed? All my windows still are broken But I’m standing on my feet Throughout these tough experience she has gone through, Lovato explains that she’s still “standing on [her] feet” while, “all [her] windows are still broken” this shows strength as she works to over-come and battle her challenge. Another metaphorical line in second verse – “untangle you from me” displaying the fear and darkness of her old character into which is disappearing and that she is seeing a clear view now.

As Lovato expresses this line, “To watch me as I bleed” could be referring to her cutting issues or can be seen as a personification. Go run, run, run I’m gonna stay right here, Watch you disappear Yeah, oh Go run, run, run Yeah, its a long way down But I am closer to the clouds up here” After her treatment, the writer explains that her negative shadow can try to escape but in herself, she will always be true now. Her old character is slowly disappearing and it’ll take a while but now she is back on track.

Lovato is now high and rise and there is no need to worry for her falling back down again. As the nineteen year old girl struggles throughout these phases she proves to herself that she will be standing high from all these events going around. In “Skyscraper” Lovato struggles to overcome a challenging circumstance in her life, including pulling apart from someone close to her, so she can rise above the hard times and the ones that will just pull her back down again won’t win. “Skyscraper” is a very emotional song where the writer explains shares Lovato’s personal struggle.

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