Slang Words

When I was younger there were many slang words I use to say. Slang words were used basically every time I opened my mouth. Slang words were a part of my vocabulary. Some of the slang words for example were, Aiight, yall, fasho and whats popping. These words were mainly used around close friends. When you greet someone you say to them “whats popping. ” Also when you’re talking about more than one person, that’s when you use the slang word “yall. The other two slang words can be used for the same thing. If I was to ask one of my friends to bring me something back from the store, he or she can say “aiight” or “fasho. ” Slang words are still used today and there is a long list of words you can use. I think different slang words have rubbed off on adults because I hear more and more of them saying them. The slag I use and my friends use have rubbed off on my mother.

She is starting to use slang more than me. Also my brother likes to rap so we both get a lot of slang from him. I don’t think I ever heard one of my teacher’s using slang. I don’t think its professional for them to use slang while they are teaching, but I do think when they leave they use it. Everyone has used a little bit of slang throughout their life. I believe that slang will never go away, because it’s something we use to communicate with one another.

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