Slash by Slash

9 September 2019

The self-titled album by Slash is an amazing musical find. With different singers and unique lyrics in every song, this album will keep your attention and is a great CD to play over and over again. It includes singers such as Ozzie Osborn, M. Shadows (of Avenged Sevenfold), Kid Rock, Fergie, Miles Kennedy (of Alter Bridge), Adam Levine (of Maroon 5), Andrew Stockdale (of Wolfmother), Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden), and Lemmy Kilmeister (of Motorhead), along with others. There is a wide variety of tempos and voices that create a perfect mix that never gets old. There are funny songs, like “We’re all gonna Die” and “Doctor Alibi” as well as sweet, sentimental songs like “Starlight” and “Gotten”. Then, there are soulful songs like “I Hold On” and soft accustic songs like “Saint is a Sinner Too”. And, of course, Slash’s amazing guitar playing is a constant plus throughout the CD, and adds a voice of its own in each song, whether he’s playing a soft background or a deliciously awesome solo. I recomend this CD for all Rock fans as a must-have in their collection.

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