Slaughter House Five Essay Research Paper Thesis

Slaughter House Five Essay, Research Paper

Thesis- To be? unstuck in clip? and fight or to be against war and non fight.

I. How Kurt Vonnegut uses Fragmentation.

A. Keeping Dresden fresh in the readers mind.

1. Billy goes back to Dresden reader goes with him.

2. First manus history of the slaughter.

a. Live through the horrors of war

B. The reader is able to reflect on the horrors of war.

II. Time there is no past, present or future in Slaughterhouse-five.

A. Billy learns this position of all clip bing from a group of foreigners called


1. There manner of looking at clip is comparable to a human? s manner of looking at

? a stretch of the Rocky Mountains. ?

2. All things are destined to go on.

B. Constantly seeing things through Billy? s eyes.

1. Reader is with Billy wherever he goes.

2. ? so it goes?

III. Vonnegut presents the war experience as 1 that still goes on.

A. Billy ne’er leaves the war.

1. The reader does non go forth the war

2. Reader is non able to see the war.

B. Horrific inside informations

1. Saves the existent accoun

T of the bombardment until the reader entrenched in the


2. Reader is denied the luxury of stating that he or she has seen worse.

IV. Billy steps out of clip.

A. Planet Trafalmadore

1. ? Heavenly?

2. Billy is merely allowed to hold peace here

B. Aliens Teach Billy.

1. See his ain line as a long line instead than concentrating on one point in


2. See the novel as a whole instead than pieces of events.

V. Verge of Billy interrupting up.

A. Pressures of the outside universes.

1. Discoveries himself in different events.

2. ? a changeless province of phase fright?

B. Dividing himself into different parts.

1. Husband, soldier and employer

2. Seems to be spread a small excessively thin to manage all of these functions.

VI. Billy ages

A. Becomes separated from himself

1. Play a function at each phase of his life.

2. Even when he steps out of clip he is still executing.

B. Billy is ever on phase

1. The dangers of function playing surfaces with the illustration of Billy Pilgrim.

2. Billy is a individual who must feign in order to be. .

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