Slaughter house

As said before, postmodernism is something hard to define and spot. There are several examples of postmodernism and they are: fragmentation, paradox, metanarratives, irony/black humor, and many more. Relating to Slaughterhouse-Five, I did a soundtrack that showed postmodernism within it. My soundtrack shows fragmentation because time leaps from one song to another and while it’s at that, the songs talk about different events My soundtrack includes the songs: War by Edwin Starr, Stuck in Moment by U2, and Freewill by Rush.

I chose these songs because these songs symbolizes or are the key events in the novel. The song war is about how war is pointless, there is nothing beautiful about it, and no one wants to die because of a mass destruction, “What is it good for? Was has caused unrest. Among the younger generation. Induction then destruction. Who wants to die?… What is it good for? Absolutely nothing” (Starr). This relays to Slaughterhouse-Five because in the novel, Kurt Vonnegut talks about how Billy sees war as nothing but an ugly image and there is nothing good about it.

Death in Slaughterhouse-Five appeared so much that it also was one of the main events. The song Stuck in Moment talks about death, “So it goes” (Vonnegut). The song goes, “I’m not afraid Of anything in this world. There’s nothing you can throw at me. That I haven’t already heard. I’m just trying to find. A decent melody” (U2). This quote from the song means, that because death occurs around the world often, there’s nothing to fear about, and to just find a better way to live life.

Following after death, another theme was freewill. Freewill is having your own choice and making your own decisions. In the novel, the Tralfamadorians talk about freewill in which they don’t believe in it. They think that people should live by the moment and let life guide itself. The song relates to freewill because it talks about how people should make their own decisions on believing it or not and beware of the conclusion we make. Throughout the novel and project, it challenged my thinking because I had to think what was postmodernism and what wasn’t because it was hard to spy. Then, I had to challenge myself by trying to find songs that would have the same meaning as the themes in the novel. In addition, with why they were alike and finding examples from both novel and song. This has taught me more than I thought I’d learn and something I enjoy doing.

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