Slave Narrative

2 February 2018

Can you imagine leaving your home only to never return, or leaving your home and being attacked and taken off to work for no pay or gratitude. Around the sass’s this happened to many young men when slavery was popular not only in the United States, but surrounding countries. Around 1734 the Narratives of a young man name Bah Salesman Dial also known as JOB was captured by Thomas Bluest when a chance meeting happened Between the two men and from this meeting Bluest was instrumental in freeing Bah and sending him home to Africa.This story bring to mind questions of good and evil in this word.

Was Bah evil? He was out selling slaves himself when he was taken captive. Did he deserve to be given a chance at freedom, or was this karma for all the slaves he had captured with his father and sold. Then who was Thomas Bluest? Wisped states “Bluest gained lasting renown by the encounter with an African slave, Baby Salesman Dial, in 1 731. While in jail in Annapolis, Baby was visited by Thomas Bluest.Thomas became impressed with him and, through another slave acting as interpreter, wrote Bass’s biography Some Memoirs of the Life of Job, the Son of Solomon, the High Priest of Abandon in Africa; who was a Slave about Two Years in Maryland; and afterwards being brought to England, was Set free, and Sent to His Native Land in the Year 1734”, which was published in London 1734. Bluest died in I think Thomas Bluest writing about Baby puts him in a good light. His intentions may have been for our benefit.

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How would we have known anything like this happened in history if it was not for people like Bluest. It also tell a story of how good natured he was in the Memoir when it speak about the chance encounter of the two men meeting and how Thomas eloped Bah get back to his family. For the most part I think the message was to give an account of the history of slavery. In summary slavery is nothing new it has been around from the beginning of time and it was not new to Bah.When he was out selling slaves it seems to me that he should have been more cautious. Was it wise of him to take Off all his amour and protection when away from home, in a strange place. Even though it is mentioned he was at a friend’s home, maybe that very friend is the person who set him up to be taken.

Look like he did not make smart decisions for him to be such a smart young man. The process of enslavement was well known to him since he was off selling slaves himself for cattle. Slavery is a lifetime journey for people all over the world.Just like Bah story people have been captured, held against their will, and sold to others. The process is barbaric and even now people are sold into slavery in our modern times. This is why we hear of so many missing children and adults. Modern day slavery is against the law, but people still find a way to break the law.

Some historians speak of the slave’s life in Africa versus their life in the new world. In this story it speaks on how the Moodiness would hunt down the en for slavery. It also talks about the Moodiness causing injury to many Schoolfellows.Which was clearly different version of what happened in the new world slaves were made to work, but no mention of the hunt they speak about in the story. In conclusion the transcriber suggest a moral lesson to be learned. He speak about the kindness of strangers, and acts of charity. Agree there is a moral lesson which put me in the mind of there is good in all people.

We are all God’s children and at one time or another there is something In use that make use want to show compassion? Yes even to a complete stranger.

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