Slave Report

2 February 2018

African Slavery in the Americas Whose America is it? Cameron Themed B MY p Honors American History the 4 Hour Professor Buck December 8 , 2014 Word Count: Economic Motivations: With the introduction of new crops, countries need more people to work and harvest them. In Brazil, “From the sass, the importation of Africans to Brazil I increased dramatically. After the initial expansion of the sugar industry, blacks soon con suited over thirds of the population of the northeast. ” “The sugar industry grew q quickly inJamaica in 1672 there were 70 plantations producing 772 tones[tons] of sue AR per annum growing in the sass to over 680 plantations. ” “At that time Cuba was evolving from a slowly growing colony into the world’s leading sugar producer, a devil moment that required the importation of steadily increasing numbers of African slaves .

As result, by 1 840 there were in the island approximately 430,000 slaves, approve mutely 60 percent of the population was black or mulatto.

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” Overall, Brazil, Cuba, and Jaw mica had the same economic motivations for slavery.With new crops to sell that had did efferent care techniques, they need more people to tend to them. Capturing, Buying, and Selling: “Many Africans who were enslaved were kidnapped [from Africa], though some were sold into slavery as a debt. ” Upon arrival to the colonies, they ‘Were prep eared for sale like animals. They were washed and shaved: sometimes their skins were oiled to make them appear healthy and increase their sale price. Depending on where they had arrived, the enslaved Africans were sold through agents by public auction or b scramble’, in which buyers simply grabbed whomever they wanted.

Sales often involved measuring, grading and intrusive physical examination. ” Upon arriving g to their plantations, they were “branded and issued with a new name. ” Then were “SE paraded and stripped of their identity. In a deliberate process, meant to break their will I power and make them totally passive and subservient, the enslaved Africans were ‘s This means that, for a period of two to three years, they were trained to endue re their work and conditions Obey or receive the lash. It was mental and physical tort ere. “

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