Slave Resistance

3 March 2017

Abstract Since the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade, captured Africans thought and plotted of ways to resist their bondage. After landing in America enslaved Africans resisted slavery in many forms; some of these were passive while others were more outright and violent. This essay will discuss forms of resistance used by slaves during their journey to America, as well as common forms of resistance slaves used while living on plantations. These forms of resistance were running away, slave revolts, and subtle day to day resistance.

Regardless of the form of resistance used, slaves were not content living a life of bondage and used all means available to resist no matter the consequence. The transition into a life of slavery was devastating for Africans. Captured and removed from their home land many resorted to drastic measures to escape their forced bondage. During the horrific middle passage there have been many accounts of slave revolts onboard ships. An account given by English slave trader William Snelgrave, he describes a mutiny in 1704 in which slaves onboard the Eagle Gallery of London attempted to take over the ship.

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