Slavery Is The South Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Bondage Is The South Essay, Research Paper

Bondage is the South

Essay # 3

Slavery played a dominating and critical function in much of Southern life. In the

battle for control in America, bondage was the South? s fastness and the concealed motivation

behind many political actions and economic statistics. By ruling Southern life, bondage

besides dominated the economic and political facets of life in the South from 1840 to 1860.

By the 1840? s and 50? s the Southern economic system had about wholly go

slave and hard currency harvest agribusiness based. Without slaves in the South a individual was left either

landless and penniless or fighting to acquire by on a little farm. However, even though

slaves dominated the southern economic system, slaveholders merely included approximately 2 to 3 per centum

of the population. This little per centum was the sum of people successful in a slave

based, hard currency harvest agricultural, Southern economic system. Therefore, the Southern economic system was

controlled and dominated by those who did and did non hold slaves. Furthermore, with the

high demand for Southern points in Europe and Northern America more slaves were

needed in the South to bring forth these hard currency harvests. Without slaves there would be no

cotton, baccy, or sugar production and without these built-in points the Southern

economic system would perfectly neglect. The South depended on slaves to fuel their economic system and

hence bondage dominated their economic system.

Between 1840 and 1860 many political issues, arguments, and actions were inflamed

by bondage. As America grew, the South wanted more slave provinces and the North wanted

more free provinces to increase their clasp in political relations. One of import act that fueled the bondage

dominated political universe of 1840 to 1860 was the Kansas and Nebraska act written by

Stephen Douglas. This act repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and called for

popular sovereignty in Kansas and Nebraska which under the Missouri Compromise had

been free. The Missouri Compromise was originally an act to settle differences about free

provinces and break one’s back provinces come ining the Union. To revoke this was to about implore for revolu

tion ;

therefore? Shed blooding Kansas? which included the John Brown public violences and caused political

tumult. The Kansas and Nebraska act was a riotous and unforesightful solution to a

complicated and commanding political issue. The Compromise of 1850 was another weak

solution to the ruling job of run-away slaves and the issue of bondage in new

districts. This Compromise created stronger fleeting slave Torahs which satisfied Southern

slave backstops and enraged Northern emancipationists. The via media besides made California a

free province, the Mexican Cession topic to popular sovereignty, and dictated that there

would be no slave trade in Washington D.C. , but it would stay a slave province. All of these

things under the Compromise and the reaction they caused led to slavery going an

even more ascendant issue in 1850 America. Another important political issue was the

Dred Scott determination. Dred Scott was a slave who had been taken into a free district by

his proprietor. A? Free-Soiler? so convinced Scott to action his maestro for his freedom. In

1857, Supreme Court Justice Robert Taney declared that Dred Scott was belongings and non

a citizen, and belongings can non action. Taney went even further in his determination to declare the

Missouri Compromise unconstitutional and rule bondage could non be forbidden anyplace.

Many Northerners, Abolitionists, and? Free-Soilers? were infuriated by this determination. From

1820 to 1860 bondage was a? hot subject? in Congress and the House of Representatives. In

a manner, it even caused the Civil War and in the terminal was perceived as the chief ground for

contending it. All political issues during this clip could non be discussed without the subject of

bondage behind it. Slavery dominated all political issues.

A Georgia editor in 1860 commented ; ? Negro Slavery is the South, and the South

is Negro Slavery? , an perfectly true statement. Slavery lead and dominated the South? s

economic system and political actions. Nothing was of all time handled in the South without bondage

being a portion of it. Through good times and bad, bondage was the? ruling world of all

Southern life? .

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