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2 February 2018

How did economic, geographic, and social factors encourage the growth of slavery as an important part of the economy of the southern colonies between 1607 and 1775? . Introduction Paragraph A. During 1607-1775 the beginning stages of the economy for the southern colonies was a time of desperately needed labor, known as the “starving time” as the Indian laborers were no longer passive to the strict demands being given, but became rather troublesome and aggressive to overtake.

This obstacle led the colonists to seek a more manageable alternative.The availability of these black slaves were in greater numbers by dealers seeking refutable gains. White men saw slavery as a means to better their own egos in society, as manual labor done by anyone other than a slave was noted as degrading. Since the slaves were taken from regions that were already accustomed to the extreme climates of the southern colonies, the African slaves were ideal workers in such conditions. B. Slavery in the southern colonies economically, socially, and geographically between 1607 and 1775 helped the investors and planters boost the economy.II.

Slaves Outline Essay Example

Due to the southern colonists need for labor, they realized that African slaves would benefit them in the community because they were in large annuities for a great profit and easier enslavement. A. Colonists demanded too much labor intensive work for not enough workers; the Indians became too tough to handle which caused the search for more vulnerable laborers at a cheaply cost. (Zion, 1 2) B. Slaves became immensely profitable as servants became more expensive. EYE;EYE for a slave committed for life versus a purchase of just a couple years house servant at EYE. Taylor, 153) C.

The relation between this evidence and thesis reveals that economically African slaves tended to weigh out on the scale of better options with the southern Illinois who found a great deal of benefit when increasing the slave trade population from Africa to the Americas for intensive plantation labor, moving on from the Indian labor system. Ill. Geographically the African population was better fit for the environment endured in the southern colony region including the extreme temperatures, which resulted in a better population of strong and healthy laborers.A. Local moderate diseases ensured long life expectancy amongst the slave population. (Taylor, 1 53) B. The majority of Africans who worked in the rice growing districts of the Carolinas adapted well to the humid and hot emperor lowlands.

(Taylor, 238) C. The relations shown with the above evidence and the thesis is that geographically the African population was better equipped to become enslaved at this time, and had a better chance of surviving the southern conditions.This added to the list of benefits seen by investors and plantation owners who were seeking cheap and effective laborers. IV. Socially the African people were viewed as below the normal standard of society, which is reflected through the work and treatment that was given to the slaves. A. The unequal treatment of the white folks versus the black African slaves occurred in the natural racism that was accepted in society.

An example that black servants had separate name lists…Black was stated to have been a distasteful, foul, and wicked color since the beginning of the sass’s. (Zion, 30, 31) B. The African society was known as a “society of helpless dependents” due to their original heritage being destroyed, there was no sense of culture or strength amongst the slave population. (Zion, 34) C.

The above evidence coincides with my thesis by proving that socially the effect of the colonist’s superiority made the African slaves inferior and more alienable to an expansion in the slave trade.This expansion and growth within the slave trade directly increased the positive balance of the economy V. Conclusion A. The geographic and social factors that undermined the growth of slavery played a key role in the positive feedback represented in the growing economic scale. Economically the African slaves were seen to be the better options for planters and investors in dear need of intense laborers for numerous reasons such as the long life expectancies, and their adaptation to the intense lifestyle of the south.Socially the African slaves were also easier to manipulate and control psychologically once they were taken out of their own territories; the colonists gave them the sense of authority which they liked to uphold. Lastly, geographically the African population was able to better suit the environment Of the plantation life, which enabled an increase in productivity in the region and encouraged the growth of slaves in numbers.

All in all the population of Africa being more easily obtainable was inevitable in the encouragement of slavery as an important part of the economy for the southern colon sees.

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