Curran and I had walked on for numerous days without food or water. Cursor’s fever worsened. He was burning up and it took a lot of my energy to care for him. Regardless of that, we kept walking.

After a few days, he recovered. Our rations were taken when we saw some American soldiers, leaving us with money and no food. I persuaded them that we were making our way back to our master, who allowed me to take my brother for a stroll since he was Ill. At least part of that was true.Curran mound a marketplace and a tavern. They were both small and nothing Like the ones we were accustomed to before. Then, we started arguing whether to go to the tavern or to go to the marketplace to buy food.

“Let’s go to the marketplace. We are more likely to be caught If we go to the tavern. ” Curran said In quiet voice. “No, you need to rest, You’re still Ill. ” I said. Curran encouraged me, “I’ll be alright, what we need the most right now is food for the trip back to the Location’s estate. Then, It hit me.

I didn’t hint about it before, but, where are we? Were we in South Carolina? I bothered to ask Curran, since he looked weary. After the long debate, we had decided to go to the marketplace. I did most of the talking so Curran could rest a little. People stared at my scar as they walked pass us, but I didn’t mind that. Curran was breathing heavily. We walked to the tavern, hoping we wouldn’t get caught. “Sleep some.

I’ll wake you up when it’s time. ” I said. Curran argued “No, we need t–” With that, he fell fast asleep.

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