Sleep & Poetry ( John Keats )

4 April 2015
Analyzes poem’s romantic view of human nature & imaginative living.

This study will analyze the romantic view of human nature as expressed in the excerpt from John Keats’ Sleep and Poetry beginning with the line O for Ten Years and ending with the line The thought of that same chariot, and the strange/ Journey it went. The study will argue that Keats’ view of human nature is indeed thoroughly romantic in this excerpt, focusing as he does on the intimate, even mystical connection between man or at least the voice of the poet/*and the idyllic world of nature. Keats expanded the Romantic tradition in poetry in that he gloried in the ability of a human being not only to face his own mortality but also to rise above it through his poetic imagination. As Harold Bloom writes,
What Keats so greatly gives to the Romantic tradition ..
. . . is what no poet before him had the capability of

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