Sleepers: Short Story and Human Beings Essay Sample

Subject: Based on research. psychologists have concluded that human existences are molded into what they are or will go by genetic sciences. pick. and the environment. This semester. you read novels and short narratives. Think of the scene of the novel or short narrative you read. Write an essay where you discuss either two or three specific effects that the environment can hold on you. Supply illustrations from the novel or short narrative you read this semester to exemplify your points.

Effectss of the Environment

The environment may act upon the manner how people live and how societies develop. We have a batch of influences from our environment. but we need to take the best for our public assistance. The environment can be a good or bad sway for our lives. After reading the fresh “Sleepers” . we realized that environment was so damaging to its supporters. Furthermore. this novel has showed us that life in a unsafe environment can do us violent and develop bad wonts.

The bad influences in our environment can do us violent people in different ways. Sometimes. we get carried off by the environment in which we live and we choose the incorrect manner. without think what may impact us. Besides. the force that we live in our places makes us violent people in the hereafter. Bing a violent individual. convey us a batch of jobs with the society and causes us defeat in our lives. Populating in a unsafe environment affects us because we used to have and see the bad influences it has. and so that’s what we give to others. Normally. being a violent individual we make errors that can alter our lives everlastingly. Peoples begin to reject us for being violent and how we treat others. For illustration. in the fresh “Sleepers” had four kids who lived in a topographic point called “Hell’s Kitchen” was a really unsafe topographic point. They lived day-to-day with force in their houses and vicinities. They did non hold the support of their parents because their parents spent every twenty-four hours contending. One twenty-four hours. the kids took a bad determination to do a violent gag that changed their lives everlastingly. They had to travel to a reform school where they were mistreated. abused. and humiliated by the guards. These guards showed us with their attitudes that they were raised in an environment prejudicial because all their Acts of the Apostless were with violent towards these kids.

Bad habits we get around us ever give us a sad stoping. Many of us are stuck in some sort of bad wont that we would ne’er see. We can get bad wonts from our childhood in the place. friends. and the environment around us. Besides bad wonts we find in our environment are drugs. larceny. fume. intoxicant and others. When we were reading the fresh “Sleepers” . we saw how the environment can hold bad wonts for the community. An illustration. in the novel was the kids had no amusement in their environment and they spent all twenty-four hours on the street. Furthermore. the kids spent the clip stealing amusing books. Then. they stole a auto from a hot Canis familiaris seller and about they killed a adult male cause of this larceny. In a environment one the most of import thing is the household. It is so of import because the household is the support that we have to larn and follow their stairss. In other words. bad wonts are something we can derive easy ; we truly have to be careful in what’s traveling on our cortege.

In decision. life in a bad environment may act upon the manner we live. If we don’t care about our environment. we are traveling to develop bad wonts. Besides. our kids will turn up in a topographic point surrounded by force. In other words. the effects of our Acts of the Apostless will be damaging non merely for ourselves but besides for people around us. If we would wish to hold a better life. we should get down to analyse and better our environment.

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