Slotting Attachment in drilling machine

8 August 2016

There are number of machine tools producing round and taper holes. But many engineering components require square and non-circular holes. At present square and other non holes are produced using CNC machines or spark erosion or slotting machines. But there is no quality machine tool to produce square and polygon holes at minimum cost. Thus we made an attempt to design and fabricate an attachment for drilling machine which would produce square and polygon holes much more easily than the current method. This will be very useful to seat bolt heads etc. This attachment can be though of an inversion of the “Cam and Ball mechanism.

This attachment can be fitted either in drilling machine or vertical milling machine. A complete design for this attachment for a size of maximum 20mm square and polygon holes has been successfully done and tested using an upright drilling machine. For different sizes of holes less than 20mm the tool can be changed.

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Slotting Attachment in drilling machine
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Similar designs can be made for any size and any number of sides to avoid lot of setting time and pre-machining procedures involved in current methods and very useful in case of mass production. INTRODUCTION Coimbatore is a highly industrial city. This is mainly due to entrepreneurship of local peoples.

As there is no public sector undertaking. The small-scale industries though have lathe and other general-purpose machine tools; they find it difficult to get a good finished square and polygon shaping the components. For producing square and polygon holes we have slotting and broaching machines. But it is slow process, the cost is high and setting time is more. A lot of time and manual work is involved in these methods. So this project “FABRICATION OF SLOTTING ATTACHMENT IN DRILLING MACHINE” is very much useful, if it is provided with good quality form tools of.

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