Slow Walkers

1 January 2018

How many times have you been stuck in the crowed halls of your school because of the slow slug like walkers in it? Well one day I’m almost late for class due to the amazingly slow people, so as I’m rushing the people in front of me already walking slow decide to stop and talk and cause me and everyone else that is behind me to stop and wait to walk around. I can’t stand slow walking people “RAW”.You might ask why it is such a problem well there are many reasons like it puts me in an aggravated and angry mood. Another reason is who wants to walk around people all the time causing the people the other way to slow down and get frustrated with you, and probably the most important is that it makes me hours late for my classes that I love so much like English class, and what excuses do I have “Oh sorry I’m late all the people walking were extremely slow’ like what teacher with believe that.

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Well I got some ideas that will stop you from getting cranky, having people yell at you, and being late for class. My first idea is to have designated spots for people to stop and talk if they please, is have wider halls with a fast and slow lanes, third idea is if you are caught stopping in the halls and causing people to slow down you will have a consequence and final is you are able to push them out of the way. Hopefully one day all these slow walking people will learn to walk faster or get out of my WAY!

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